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Comments for RV Travel Newsletter Issue 812

  • OK Chuck, you keep saying we RV owners need someone lobbying for us. Well I can think of no better person to get the ball rolling than YOU! You have the knowledge, the temperament, and the experience in presenting things in an easily understandable format. I and thousands of other RV owners agree with you. We need someone representing OUR interests and I’m sure we would be more than happy to donate $$$$ if we thought it would further our perspective and bring light to our problems. How about it Chuck? Can you “get things started” so to speak?

    • Richard, several of us spent an afternoon at Hershey talking about establishing some sort of RV owners organization, one that represented RVers and not the industry, and one that was honest with no pressure from commercial interests. We’re still talking and maybe something will come of it. I hope so.

  • A terrible RV future. Poor products, poor service, not enough campgrounds, no government support for RVers, etc. But a lot of beautiful places to see. America The Beautiful.

  • I am a retired senior citizen who decided to travel in a motorhome to see U.S. After beginning my fourth year living and traveling in my motorhome, I feel that I am a seasoned full-timer. When I started out things were so much different then today. It appears that the RV Industry has exploded with new RV’s being purchased by the thousands each year. This has created havoc for the full-time RVer such as myself. No longer is it possible to stay at RV Parks long term ( 1 month ) without a reservation sometimes a month or more in advance. It is no longer possible to travel in an RV and skip across this country at your leisure. Popular site seeing places require several months in advance. Prices are starting to climb when park owners start to take advantage of the situation.. As Chuck has pointed out there is not enough RV Parks to accommodate the crowds. I find myself up against the locals who like to jump in the RV’s for their yearly vacation, weekend or week and head to their nearby Parks. You would hope that when school starts things might ease up. Nope, then comes the retired baby boomers. It seems that just about everyone owns some type of RV these days. With this mix add in those traveling workers who find it cheaper to stay in an RV Park rather then renting a motel while working in the area. Also, some RV Parks allow people to become permanent residents taking up even more spaces.. I believe that most people let their excitement of owning an RV override their concerns of finding a place to park them. When I sold all or most of my worldly possessions 4 years ago to live in a motorhome, I never would have guessed that overcrowded situations in RV Parks would become such a problem. Anyone considering purchasing an RV, I would urge to give the excessive RV’s on the road and the not enough RV Parks to accommodate them, serious consideration. Something must change! It is my thought that unless more parks are built within the next few years, there will be a mass sell off of RV’s as people start to realize the problem with finding a place to park them.

  • Oh my god, you’re almost advocating using public tax money for the benefit of the public. Isn’t that Un-American? Why would we want to spend public funds on the Parks Service, Forest Service, BLM to create more camper spaces. Stealing the bread right out of Corporate mouths…

  • You’ve hit on a subject near n dear. Who stands up for the consumer when warranty and sales collide. Warranty doesn’t cover it, but it doesn’t work. I remember the Ralph Nadar death to Corvair. Who stands up for the consumer? With all the sales, this is really out of hand.

  • Hi Chuck, How necessary is it for an RV to have surge protection? We’ve been full-timing for 7 years & no problem. Also, the gasket in our toilet is not holding water. Is there an easy way to fix this without taking the toilet apart? Thanks

    • Bob: I didn’t even know what a surge protector was until we were in an Ohio CG. There was a family with a brand new (604 miles) Diesel Pusher. He plugged in and fried his electronics and heavens knows what else. To watch the pain on their faces……found out where to get that surge protector – don’t leave home without it!

    • Bob — as far as the gasket on the toilet, I’d recommend directing your question to Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor (gbunzer (at) Tell him I sent you. But I know that replacing a toilet is no big deal, and not very expensive. We did it with relative ease. As far as the surge protector, absolutely. We use one from Progressive Industries. Surge Guard products are also good. Most are available,

    • Surge protection is about as necessary as insurance. You don’t need it until you need it. Why would you risk hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs when you can purchase quality surge protectors for less than $200. I purchased one prior to my first trip because the small expense would more than cover the hassle of dealing with a burnt up electrical system.

  • Just a comment relating to Mark Polks article about water leaks. His comment that if the pump cycles you have a leak. I thought so too but when I took my RV to the factory to check, the technician said the water pump pressure was too low causing the pump to re pressurize every few minutes. A one quarter turn of the pressure adjustment screw turned up the water pressure and stopped the cycling. He said it was a common problem with the Shurflo pumps.

  • To Chuck Woodbury, I read your article about advertisers wanting to give you easy money to show us fake articles. That’s all I needed to know about you. As a result I have sent you $20 to help support your newsletter and I will continue to do this every year from now on. I read it every week. Thank you Chuck. Your a good and honest man and as we both know, sometimes that’s a rare thing these days.

  • Just watched the deposition video of Marcus Lemonis (CEO Camping World) . I have never heard the same response so many times, “Not that I recall” , not to my “knowledge”, “I have no idea”.

    My Good Sam membership will expire and will not be renewed.

    What an ass of a CEO.

    Edmonton Alberta

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