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Comments for RV Travel Newsletter Issue 818

  • What happened to the section in rv travel “what are you towing or Driving”? I always thought is was interesting to see all the different rv’s people had.
    I Enjoy your newsletter.

  • Good morning Chuck,
    I contributed a couple months ago and am not receiving your special emails. Please add me as well.

  • I also made a contribution this year and haven’t received the newsletter.
    Thanks for all you do – a contribution coming your way each year.
    The Greyhound Express heading south,.

  • Please add me to your special email list. I donated this morning via your website. Look forward to your newsletter every weekend. The Fire extinguisher recall information was greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

  • Good morning – I did get your email, thank you. In this issues newsletter you differentiate between camper and full timer. However, there are those of us who travel for 6/8/12 weeks at a time in a smaller rig (C class/trailer/5th wheel, etc). Yes, we do some boondocking but really enjoy a good campground too. We cannot afford the prices charged at ‘luxury’ campgrounds that cater to the big Class A rigs. But we are serious travelers/RVers and want to see quality campgrounds at affordable/realistic prices. That said you brought up a very good point. The difference between RVing in the west and the east. I would like to see an article about this ‘difference’ especially offering information about RVing in the east (broken down regionally, i.e., north east region and southeast region) as I live in the west and plan on trips to the east. One difference in northeast brought to our attention – campgrounds are not open all year. Big subject but an important one for those traveling across/throughout the US. Also, you have touched on the National and State campgrounds and their lack of maintaining campgrounds, lack of upgrading them to meet ‘today’s” needs, etc. RV Village would be a good place to have a section (broken out by state) where people could report on parks they have visited, their experience, etc. As always, RV Travel is great and thanks for all your hard work.

    • is an excellent site (and app and Facebook page) for park reviews. It is searchable. I look there first when planning travel.

  • Regarding renovations at Camp 4 in Yosemite NP. Camp 4 is a first-come-first served campground for tents only. Each site accommodates 6 people. Only 2 in your party? You will share your site with 4 others. Since there is a long line waiting to camp at Camp 4 every morning the increase in sites will be welcome but I doubt most of your readers will be affected by the additional sites.

  • Hi Chuck. I have tried several times to sign up for the new electrical newsletter from the link and after I select subscribe, I get a empty white screen with no information on it at all. I get no subscription confirmation either. Keep up the good work.

  • Chuck I have been reading your news letter for the past 6 months and find the content interesting and helpful. I was wondering if you’ve given thought to the website layout as the content seems to be randomly placed and a mix of topics and advertising rather than organized in a manner more conducive to easy reading and reference.

    • I love this newsletter and am fairly new to it, but I find it hard to navagate too. At times I get lost clicking back and forth and then am afraid I’ve missed something important.

      Thanks for having this newsletter for us.

      I did not get the special email either.

  • We enjoy the very informative newsletters. Please add me to your special email like st. I have contributed and not received an email.
    Looking forward to the great information !
    Thank you

  • I, too enjoy your newsletter.
    One subject I haven’t seen are tolls or fees (ferns) where towing is a multiple of the RV and the tow car. It’s common for a toll of $5/vehicle to wind up as $20 or more when actually towing. Seems to be no logic to this except to make money by soaking the RV’er.

  • Regarding calling luxury RVs “mobile homes,” with the modern tiny house movement that seems to be gathering steam, many of which are built on trailer frames, so they’re really custom built travel trailers, we like to call our 2015 Phaeton 40AH a tiny house with a motor.

  • I think another issue that is just as important as lack of camp sites is the lack of storage sites and the lack of support to stop cities from excluding rvs from their streets and even your own land.

  • Chuck, I love your writing style, your humor while writing is great. This new gimmick of a special email for subscribers IMHO is a little cheesy. In the last few months, your site seems to be looking for money (which as a business) requires money to run but don’t use a special email for subscribers as a ploy to get contributions. Your content is worth paying for. Maybe it’s time to change the site into a subscription-based vehicle. I wouldn’t have any issue paying a yearly subscription fee of say $35 (mind you I pay $5 a month now as a contribution.


  • Chuck, we are relatively new to this RV newsletter, past couple of years, and we are campers, not full timers, our choice. Recently, I have noticed much more of your personal irritation with life flowing into negativity within the newsletter since you became a full-timer. Full timing is a life-style you choose to live, not required. The newsletter of the past was filled with information, tips, tricks, advice and was enjoyable to read. Lately, however, your negativity oozes from nearly every paragragh. There is so much negativity in our daily lives from the President of the United States down to the retail clerk. I choose to reach up and turn it off or stop patronizing, my choice. Your newsletter is not far behind. Just saying….

  • I find it irritating that those who drive the rigs are living it better then those who drive or tow smaller vehicles. I bumped into a couple who retired and are living out of trailer that is a 22 x 8. Almost the size of mine. I much prefer smaller then bigger. Especially if there is only one of me. I was in a 36 footer once and did not like not knowing what was on the other side of the door.

  • i would like to know statistics about rental of pop ups and travel trailers,and the ratings of most popular states,like average rental times,size of units and number of occupants and a general average popular rental rate per day and week

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