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Comments for RV Travel Newsletter Issue 820

  • Hi Chuck,
    We enjoy reading your RV newsletter each Saturday. A way to make it more user-friendly would be to hotlink each item on the list of features that appear on the weekly email announcing the latest newsletter. That would make it quicker to find what you’re interested in reading, yet still bring you to the rest of the newsletter, not just the chosen item. If what I’m trying to say here isn’t clear, please let me know.

  • Chuck, your article about Scott Kelly’s book was a good one. In the article you mentioned camping in all types of weather since you are now full timing. Do you ever bring your slides in, and in what conditions if you bring them in? We are not full timers yet. we purchased our new class A over a year ago, one heavy rain we had water coming in one slide. It was under watranty, so took it back to have it fixed. Haven’t been in big rain since, but the manufacturer said may have to bring slides in in haevy rains. I was wondering if you ever had. We had a TT with slides and never brought them in in rain.

  • Good information! I really liked the P trap in the plumbing department. That looks real good. Then the South Dakota information. Thank you!

  • There was an important point that was missed in the note about CCC camps and all the good they did both for the people and the community. In those days being “on the dole” was seen as a personal failure. It was such that employers did not like hiring people that had been there. Then there is the fact that men of that era wanted to have a job to do. This is how a lot of state and federal parks and campgrounds came to be. It has been my experience that neither of these conditions still exist. So, I would not be at all surprised to see the re-implementation fail.

  • Chuck,
    I read your newsletter each week. I am a pop up camper. I go to the local rv shows & tour the big rigs & see firsthand the poor workmanship. I think the solution might be a national protest that will attract the national media. I know that big rig owners get together at national meets. There’s no reason unhappy rv owners can’t get together to show the media their poorly constructed rigs. Imagine if every unhappy owner decided to place a sign on their rig saying their (brand name) rig was junk., then they all head down the interstate in a long,long,long line coming from all four corners of the US arriving in Elkhart on the same day. They then drive by the manufacturers plants with their ” my (brand name) rv is junk” signs on the side. Imagine the amount of potential rv buyers that would see these rigs as they traveled in line to Indiana. Imagine what the rv execs would think as they knew hundreds of angry rv owners were headed toward their plants.. I think the media would be all over this story.
    These kinds of national protests happen all the time in Washington DC. & have all the networks cover them. If they can have a “Million Man March” in DC, why can’t there be a ” Thousand RV March” in Elkhart??
    What do you think?

  • Hey Chuck, I hear ya on that RV living. When I moved out of Dallas, I bought an ’88 Dolphin 31 footer and lived in it a year and 9 months till I found this 3 acre place across from Lake Bonham by mistake. I took a wrong turn and found it. Now she’s parked next to the house. I miss driving my 454 GMC gasser, at times. Enjoying your News Letter on Sunday, cause I can’t get to it on Saturdays. Keep On Truckin’ Space Cowboy ~ .

  • We filled out a form on the Kidde Fire Extinguisher website when you published the recall a few weeks ago. Today we received our replacement extinguisher with instructions to return the defective unit. Thank you for keeping us safe and up-to-date

  • Chuck
    Thanks for all the great information. It is good to have someone giving information that is not influenced by the manufacturers. We love hearing about all the new items offered. Having straight forward information about the pitfalls, challenges, joys, and unforgettable experiences of RVing is truly appreciated. Our joy of the outdoor life has given us remarkable friends, a great outlook on life, and many joys only RVers can experience.
    Keep up the great articles. We love them!

  • hasn’t showed up in my email for two weeks now—I have resubscribed to see if that helps—any suggestions—thanks—Garry

    • Sorry, Garry. I looked at the subscription list and it shows you first signed up in 2011, and then the next activity was tonight, I assume when you resubscribed. But the list doesn’t show that anything happened in between, so we’re not sure why you didn’t receive the email alert the last couple of weeks. Maybe it’s your spam filter, somehow? I know I miss some of my legit emails because Google thinks they’re spam and deletes them before I even get a chance to check them. Sometimes I think there are Gremlins in there! Anyway, if you have more problems with receiving our newsletters, please let us know and we’ll look into it further. We apologize for the inconvenience. —Diane at

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