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Comments for RV Travel Newsletter Issue 823

  • I have enjoyed reading your newsletter however I have noticed a trend and your negative reporting . This newsletter started off criticizing the media who did not attend RIVA Tradeshow but by your own admission you did not attend I noticed a number of articles that also seem to lean towards the negative side . Please tell me there’s good news in the future

    • Ralph, yes, too much negative reporting. It’s such a long story why. But I recognize that I have been more negative lately than ever in my past. I’ll address this soon in the newsletter.

    • The “media” criticized gets paid to write. Chuck is retired and I for one am amazed and thankful he puts as much energy as he does into this newsletter. Thanks Chuck

    • There is good news in the future! Most will find that RVing is not what they thought it would be and will quit it, causing a glut of underpriced used RVs for those who still want to do it. The manufactures and dealers will go out of business due to over production of units and only those who’s units are well built will survive. The only losers in this will be those who are impulse buyers and they usually loose anyway do to their buying habits. This will all take time but will come to pass.

  • When planning a trip, be sure to look at the list of closed stores online. Then call city hall to ask if parking overnight is allowed on these lots.
    The tough economy for retail has a lot of empty lots around.

  • Chuck, in your editorial, you said you were not there, along with other media people. Why was that? With your mobile lifestyle, I thought you would have made it there as it seemed the perfect platform to ask those questions in your editorial. I have been flooded with YouTube video links from others reporting right from the convention floor. Just wondering.

    • Bill, I go every few years. I just don’t see a need to go every year. I have friends who attend, who fill me in on what’s going on. I try to attend the big Hershey RV Show every year — the largest consumer show in the USA — where I see many of the same people who attend the National Trade Show.

  • Chuck, Loved the UK Scooter-pulled trailer. Goes to show how far ahead the thinking was and still is in European RV manufacturing. My ’58 popup weighs 347 pounds and predated the hard-sided Apache line many old timers remember. Lightweight efficiency seems to have escaped the big RV industry. I can fit two of my campers in a 10×20 garage and doubling up is a cinch at most campgrounds! I never worry about a site!

  • Just thinking about availability of sites with an increase of sales of rigs of all kinds. What is the cost of developing an RV park?. Property values vary from region to region, the cost of amenities ie; electric , sewer , cement or blacktop. What would you have to charge to make a profit? Maybe more than what you want to pay for a cite. Take the high end RV park in Past Robles in this issue. The weekly rate is comperable to a week in a hotel.
    So maybe the moral of the story is municipal ,state and federal parks developing RV sites .
    As you say investors want a return on their capital. That’s the economic world we live in.

  • The danger to pets from coyotes is not restricted tor rural or camping areas. They are everywhere. In Washington DC where I work I see them frequently. Iv’e seen them in a college parking lot. I see them where I live, which is more rural. My neighbor has been loosing chickens to them.
    But there is a great product that will help protect your pets. I have no affiliation with them but you really should check out the coyote vest. It is saving pet lives. This is their website and they are on facebook.

  • Chuck, I’m with you with regards to manufactures and dealers don’t care. It’s all about the money and out of sight, out of mind for the buyer who plunked down their life savings in some cases.
    Having owned both a fifth wheel, a diesel pusher, pop ups and now a Class C, I feel I can relate better than most, since I have also sold RV’s in the past. Bottom line: do your homework, expect the worse and be pleasantly surprised if everything works and don’t expect a problem free RV ever! Be prepared to receive grey hairs dealing with your dealer. Know your rights and be prepared to defend them. Personally, I have never bought new and have had great results with all the rigs we have owned and present combined.

  • I have to agree, the newsletter is getting depressing. My read on camp ground over crowding it is a weekend problem. Most of these young families only get a week or two vacation a year and definitely don’t use it all on camping. I have two daughters who fit into this category and they only camp 3 or 4 times a year and always over a long weekend. Working people don’t take long vacations. Instead they take long weekends. So to get around the over crouding, camp Monday through Thur. For you full timers this is not an option. As far as comments on poor RV quality, I have to agree 100% and it needs to be brought to light.

  • How will they increase sales to 600,000? 700,000?

    If the middle class keeps losing ground they will end up out of their houses and in an RV permanently parked in a trailer park.

  • On the lawsuit about allowing children. I recall the plaintiff never intended to stay there and had no children. Yet he gets an undisclosed settlement. Just proves what I first thought. The plaintiff was simply looking for a way to make money without actually working for it. if money was to be awarded, the judge should have awarded it to a just cause; not some money grabber in it for the cash. Maybe a children’s hospital would have been a better use of the money.

  • Chuck,
    How about getting someone like 60 minutes to do an in depth story about the industry and its failing. Perhaps part two could be about the lack of places to park the units once you own it.

    How can I suggest a story to 60 MINUTES?

    A. If you wish to bring a matter to the attention of 60 MINUTES, you may do so in writing via postal mail.
    Please write to:

    Story Editor
    60 MINUTES
    CBS News
    524 West 57th Street
    New York, NY 10019

    60 MINUTES requests that all story suggestions be submitted in concise, written form.
    Please do not send any original documents or additional materials that would need to be returned.
    We receive a large number of story suggestions each week and cannot guarantee response or return of materials.
    Alternately, you may send your request via email to If a 60 MINUTES producer does not
    contact you directly within 4 to 5 weeks, you may assume that CBS News is not going to report your story.

    • I just read an in depth story to the RV industry and now for the life of me can’t find it. Wanted to watch it. O well. Will find it but it did make the news.

  • Do you have to have an official “invite” to attend these RIVA events? If so, then I can see why Chuck would not attend. Who wants someone in their midst who may throw cold water on an otherwise praise-fest? Selling RV’s is what this is all about, not what happens to them after they leave lot.

  • Puhleaze Chuck,you keep banging the drum about over production of rv’s,my hunch is its a big ratings boost,however lets look at the automobile,its way worse,more cars on same size roads,parking lots full capacity,in hindsight we would all hunker down and not leave our humble abode,personally new rv’s dont need hookups and people are not always using tradtional campground,just another veiwpoint Chuck.

  • First, look at production, the American way, Good times, easy money, buy what you want. Why should only you and maybe me have an RV? Increasing population will only create more RV’s.
    Campgrounds, Supply and demand, Certainly the government could make more available but the deficit hawke’s are not going to spring for more money to let that happen even though there are millions of acres on military reservations that could be put to public use although right now it’s highest and best use is for wildlife sanctuaries. The big push right now is to put reserved public land in the hands of corporations. . That’s enough crazy talk.

  • Always buy or reserve something off each newsletter. Will buy Winnebago Horizon Contemporary. Made Casa Robles reservation. Wish there were more Good Sam 10/10/10 campgrounds in CA to avoid camping with “rift raft.” For the reasons Chuck enumerates, my wife thinks it’s better to take $100K and spend $50K on a new Mercedes SUV and $50K at the Hampton Inns.

  • Sooner than later all those new Millennial and Gen Xer owners will be fed up with the time and money demanded of them for repairs due to shoddy work. They will scream very loud and long and will not stop until they are heard. They do not know how to fix anything, nor do they have the time. We all know that anyone buying an RV, motor home or 5th wheel better have the capacity to make basic repairs, understand at least basic plumbing, electronics, auto mechanics, etc. As an RVer of many years we are concerned about the number of new RVs that will be on the road for so many reasons – too many poorly trained and equipped owners. Lack of campgrounds. Campground etiquette totally lacking, etc. It’s bad now, it will only get worse. BUT for those of who use our RVs to travel the country for short 1-3 night stays, who are satisfied with campgrounds that provide electric and water that are affordable, clean and well managed — the going is getting pretty tough if not nearly impossible during peak season. Not only that, the City, State and National campgrounds are, in many cases, falling apart. They are certainly not keeping up with even the basic needs of today’s campers and travelers. This unfortunately is something that has been reported on for years. The shoddy RV industry will have to answer for its poor workmanship sooner than later. Sadly, the opportunity to enjoy exploring this country, find readily available good campsites/campgrounds and be assured of courteous campground neighbors is the exception, not the rule. There are many, many things that RVers, campers, hikers, etc. need to speak up about if we want to enjoy the road, camping, environment and each other — tomorrow and in the future.

  • Hi Chuck…I’ve enjoyed your News Letter now for 7 years since I lived in my RV in ’10 for almost 2 years. Bought a house near Lake Bonham and ‘Betsy’ is parked for now. Please accept my small donation and Have a Merry Christmas this year…, my friend.

  • Well Chuck, I was just in the Silicon Valley area, one of the richest places in CA, and I can tell you that a great number of these RVs are parked along the major roadways occupied by working people who cannot afford housing in or around the Bay Area.
    These are the hard working folks that politicians, from local to Washington D.C., have forgotten (if I’m being charitable) or are ignoring (most likely IMHO) for whom RVs are the only housing they can afford in the areas where they work.
    And yes, we need relentless pressure on the aforementioned politicians to upgrade and expand State and National Parks, campgrounds on State and Federal Lands, and allow construction of private RV parks.

  • Thanks Chuck for sounding the alarm. It does seem like a lot of negativity lately, but it’s not like we didn’t know this cliff was coming. I’ve only been RVing for 4 years and have experienced RV quality issues and camping restrictions since the beginning.

    After many warranty issues with our last travel trailer, we traded for the same floor plan by an different manufacturer. We’ve found that warranty repairs require more time and effort with the dealer, than just making the repairs yourself. We left the RV at Camping World for about a month for simple repairs/adjustments. The water pump was unusually loud, two drawers wouldn’t stay shut, and two doors wouldn’t latch properly. We were told the first was normal and the other problems had been fixed. On our 6 month trip I got into the cabinets and found the water lines to/from the pump were vibrating on the cabinetry and I was able to insulate them somewhat. I had to re-adjust the doors myself. One of them needed to have the hinges moved (they almost destroyed the wood behind the strike plate, so I didn’t want to mess with that). The bottom fell out of one of the drawers. When I removed it for repair I found a part missing (male side of drawer lock) from each of the two problem drawers. The third drawer was OK. Obviously a manufacturing defect that was not fixed (as stated) by the dealer. All the drawer bottoms were stapled. I installed small wood screws for the bottoms on all three drawers. The lesson: Unless it’s a major warranty issue, do your own repairs. Otherwise, you’ll be without the RV for an extended period and you’ll end up making the repairs yourself anyway (even after the manufacturer pays the dealer to make them).

    Camping reservations are a bit more of an issue. We prefer public campgrounds, so we go to areas off season or just camp during the work-week near home. This year we went to Newfoundland from late August to late September and really had no issues making reservations anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks in advance. The biggest issue camping across New York and Vermont in October was closed parks. It was necessary to call a lot to find some that were open (even if unofficially). We left Maine for Florida after Thanksgiving and had to drive all the way to Delaware in one day to get to an open park (that would accept our dog).

    Merry Christmas Chuck. Safe travels and keep telling it like it is.

    • Hi, Lee,
      Here’s a link to the article we did on November 2 on the recall for 40 million Kidde fire extinguishers: That article is about the recall in general, but at the bottom of it is a link to the website which describes the 2.5 million Kidde fire extinguishers recalled which are commonly used in RVs, as well as a link to the Recall notice itself and a list of all affected model numbers. The link to the Kidde website is also included. So, I think we about covered it. I hope that answers your question. 😀 —Diane at

  • I really hope the gas station is sued for letting this RV owner die without anyone checking up on him. That is the saddest thing I have ever read. No one cared to check up on the RV and why it was still next to the gas pumps. I guess this is how our society is today. Inside themselves and not caring about others. To the owner of that gas station? I hope you are sued into extinction. For shame not checking up on that RV. For shame. This one will haunt me for a while.

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