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Comments for RV Travel Newsletter Issue 824

  • Your picture and comments about Joshua trees being 90% gone because of climate change is a joke and liberal fear mongering. Stop! How convenient that you say by the end of the 21st century when none of us will be around to see your lie not come true!

    • Stan, you’re a scientist who has studied this, right? With such qualifications — one who has studied global warming exhaustively — you have the credentials to label us liars. Is that right? Sorry, but we do not lie. Lying is an intentional act. We do make errors, as all humans do. But saying we lie. . . well that’s below the belt and unappreciated by our very hard working, honest staff. I don’t object to you disagreeing with us but using “fear mongering” and saying we are lying are inflammatory words, which we do not appreciate on this website. Intelligent conversation where we disagree? Absolutely! But let’s not call each other names. Okay?

      • Politics and climate change discussions are divisive – as you have just seen. no reason to have these subjects on a RV group and cause conflict by doing so.

    • Anyone not believing that climate is changing to some degree has not worked in the Arctic and seen Polar Bears starving because of lack of sea ice,or the ground thawing on Alaska’s North Slope creating bogs where none have been for thousands of years. I have witnessed both,you should try it sometime.

      • “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that the polar bear population is currently at 20,000 to 25,000 bears, up from as low as 5,000-10,000 bears in the 1950s and 1960s. A 2002 U.S. Geological Survey of wildlife in the Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain noted that the polar bear populations ‘may now be near historic highs,'” it read.

      • I lived in the Arctic and have seen petrified trees 800 miles from the North Pole on Ellesmere Island. I needn’t say which direction as everything is “south” from the North Pole. The closest tree nowadays is over a 1,000 miles south of that. Point being there will ALWAYS be climate change. Can man affect the climate? I believe so. Will the climate change whether man is on Earth or not? Absolutely.

  • Good morning, folks,

    Your link to Amazon’s “As Seen On TV” section, and comment about useful items, caught my eye this morning. So, I clicked.

    I then searched the first 20 pages as sorted by (1) relevance, and (2) highest price (hoping the second search would yield something “useful).

    But, FYI, there was not a single useful or clever item that might have remote relevance for an RVer on any of those 40 pages. All I found were games (Poop), stuffed animals, toys and other trash.

    You might want to reconsider this and other similar links going forward. Because, honestly, it seems like either you either: (a) didn’t look into the link results at all, or (b) you’re just attempting to sell anything possible (even junk) for the Amazon commission. The latter surely would be uncharacteristic.

    I love your newsletter and read it religiously. But this link, and the time I wasted attempting to find something useful, was a low point in my couple of years of reading RVTravel.

    • James S. — When people go to Amazon through our link, which is usually to a product related to RVing, they often — maybe most often– toss in something else. We sell far more products through our Amazon program that have nothing to do with RVing. RVers are RVers, but they are also people with needs in common with millions of other consumers. Maybe you did not find something at the As Seen On TV section, but your needs/wants/interests are not those of all others who read this newsletter. Yes, we try to send people to Amazon in the hope they will buy something and we will get a little commission, which add up at the end of the month. We make about a dollar on average per sale. But, for example, if someone orders a Kindle Book, we may get only a few cents. We find that earning our money through Amazon is far superior to accepting advertising from, say, an RV manufacturer, which then demands (without actually saying it) that we do not write anything negative about its products. If we do, they pull their advertising. Our Amazon income comes with absolutely no strings attached, which provides us with the ability to be honest instead of avoiding subjects that might result in losing a big chunk of money from an advertiser who doesn’t like what we say.

      • I agree. I have a unique sense of humor, which often creates memories unknown to me until after-the-fact. I found a few items for my grandkids that I wouldn’t normally search for. I am sure that the next time we meet I will hear giggles and stories experienced, because Papa sent something totally unexpected. I live for the giggles. I also glean a lot if information that is important to me, or shared with other people. Thank you Chuck for the varied knowledge and experiences provided by you and your staff. Good Job!

  • Kinda interesting, and a little ironic. Your feature letter talks about changing America, and that Amazon is putting small businesses out of business. Then, right below your feature letter is the plug for Amazon affiliate program.

    I know you just reported the facts, and no commentary on Amazon killing small biz, but it was kinda ironic to see the comment, then the link to support Amazon.

    • We earn a good part of our income by referring people to Amazon. I don’t say Amazon is bad, I just say that how we shop is changing. I like Amazon. Jeff Bezos, whether you like him or not, is brilliant. But then Mr. Sears, Mr. Roebuck, and J.C. Penny were brilliant in their days, and changed the way people shopped, and definitely put a lot of Main Street merchants out of business.

  • Chuck, I have enjoyed your news letter for several years now, but lately it is getting more and more depressing to read. We all know this is not a perfect world and we know the world is changing. RV s break down. The millineals that build the RV s today don’t have the same work ethics as their fathers did. There are more RV ers on the road and in the campgrounds today, many of them thanks to you. That’s life and we just have to deal with it. Pardon my rant, but I want to read happy and fun stuff in your news letters. I want to read about all the interesting places you have visited so I can plan a trip there. You don’t sound as happy as you used to Chuck. Give the negativity a rest and get out and enjoy life while you still can. Life is too short. I will continue to read and support your newsletter and hope for sunnier days.

    • Sorry Mark, I disagree. Can’t stick your head in the sand and ignore the problems traveling in an RV presents today. I like knowing what problems as a full-time RVer I face in today’s world. Chuck has plenty of interesting and non- negative articles in the newsletters. Those well informed are well prepared, be it positive or negative.

    • Mark, there is an endless amount fun and happy stuff out there. Most RV websites would fall into that category. I write about what I experience. Lately, it’s been harder to ignore certain things that are adversely affecting RVers. I still love RVing, I just find it more challenging to travel “where I want, when I want,” as the industry promotes. I realize I have been “more negative” than in past years, but that’s because of what I have seen, experienced and otherwise learned in the last year of being on the road full-time. I understand what you are saying. But the fact is, I have a wonderful, charmed, blessed life, and I don’t know how I could enjoy it any more than I do. So don’t worry about me. I’ll just keep doing what I do, and as long as people keep reading, I’ll likely not stop until my time comes to journey off to the big RV park in the sky. –Chuck

  • Frozen black tank ? Mix some hot water/salt brine and pour it in. Later add more salt. A heat lamp on the tank might help too. Once it thaws dump out and get some GOOD pink stuff in it [check freeze temperature on bottle – I have seen -15 down to -50 and I feel safer with the -50

  • On buying a RV on line. INSANE ! You probably end up with a useless RV with a huge punch list of problems. Then the joy of trying to get some dealer to fix and then re-fix it after waiting for this privilege for weeks/months

  • I suppose you realize that you have reverted back to the Native Americans who traveled around, to a place where there was grazing for horses and plants to eat, water, fuel, animals for food, and they too had favorite places to go. The white northern European males called them savages. Then built towns that were sink holes of disease and chaos. Now we’re back to Savages. And denial of Climate change is fear of reality or control by an outside force…

  • Please, Please do not change your reporting of the good the bad the ugly and the humorous, I love this site and have learned so much. I am on my forth RV and wilderness camped for many years before with and without tents. I am 72 years young and do almost all my own maintenance and repair the links and info have helped so much keeping my 2003, 33 ft. Coachman in good working order, thanks, and Merry Christmas

  • Regarding your continued complaining about camp site availability. Here is what I know from my personal experience. In the past I looked forward to the arrival of your news letter and read it immediately. Lately, I rarely read it the day it arrives. I read it for ideas that will enhance our rv travels, not your personal challenges. I know the problems associated with campgrounds and understand that is my responsibility to plan accordingly. It is not going to change any time soon and your annoying repetition will only serve as a distraction to what otherwise is an informative news letter.

  • Chuck, I appreciate your honesty. I think we can agree that we are all flawed humans with differing levels of knowledge, experience, and opinions. We should be able to disagree without being disagreeable. Thanks for being honest in you observations based on your experience as a long-time RVer.

    I admit to being part of the problem (not in the global warming sense, at least not significantly – unless baked beans are involved). We have been RVing for just 4 years. I can’t remember a time when on-line reservations weren’t recommended, at least for nicer sites at public parks. In my short experience it has gotten worse. Many state parks that once had at least a few walk-up sites have now gone to 100% reservable. I have always planned a couple of days to a month out (generally just for weekends), so I have learned to work the system. It’s not easy though, especially over slow and public campground wifi or patchy cell phone reception. I frequently have to match my plans to the reality of campground availability. Last year I planned a trip all the way to Newfoundland. The uncertainty of availability forced me to make early reservations at the most important places on our bucket list. Our plans changed due to a medical delay. This cost me more than $100 in sunk costs (reservation fees + cancellation fees). I can’t complain though. I love traveling with my RV and, like I said, I’m part of the problem.

    One other comment. Even before RVing I’ve noticed how Walmart, and other big box stores/malls, have killed downtowns. Most of the small towns in Europe still seem to have vibrant downtowns. Over the last decade though this trend seems to be improving. Some historic/quant downtowns are coming back with shops and upscale restaurants.

    We made it to Newfoundland this year and noticed what seemed to be a general decline in spirituality. There are quite a number of churches that have been abandoned or turned into private residences and businesses. We attended a few that were still operating and none of them had more than 30 older congregants. There is a bit of an exodus from the island and the population is aging. Everyone we spoke to wouldn’t live anywhere else, and many folks retire to return home to Newfoundland. However, on the more youthful end of the scale there is a decline. We heard of schools being closed and combined with others. Church decay was also noted across the other Atlantic provinces and even across New England (original home of those escaping religious persecution in England and Europe).

    Keep up the good work speaking the truth as you see it Chuck. God bless.

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