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Comments for RV Travel Newsletter Issue 827

  • Understand the thought about nice to return home after a trip. Yes, it’s far more relaxing and enjoyable travelling by RV. Not sure where you were going with the “pat down” story though? I think most of know the trials and tribulations of airport security.

    • I think his point was commiseration… I’m one of the ones “randomly selected” about 90% of the time, and combined with sardine-can seating for my 6’2″ frame it’s behavior-changing even if I could get plane tickets free (which I can’t). I will now drive anywhere within a 36-rolling-hours distance. Most of the country, in other words.

  • Chuck,
    Thanks for the added security measures you have incorporated into your servers. If only Expedia would have followed your lead!!

    I agree that your articles have taken a turn toward the negative recently, BUT that appears to be the way the industry is moving and your reporting is honest. We can either do something about improving the industry or stick our heads in the sand. I choose to take the proactive approach!

  • I forgot to mention your article about your airline experiences reminded me of our motto.

    “Tis better to drive your closet than pack a suitcase!”

  • I agree so much about the RV being “home”. We have only had our TT since Spring and had only one stay at a campground, but we “driveway camped” after that for months. I retired on 8/01, left work on my last day with the TT in tow headed for the campground. A perfect way to make my get away. When we got back to our house, we decided we wanted to stay in the camper. We finally had to give up and come back in the house a few weeks ago, when it got too cold here in Upstate NY. We miss our little apartment so much!!! Even our house doesn’t feel as much like home as it did. We can’t travel till later this year and we can’t wait. We plan to join Harvest hosts and maybe RV golf club to have nice places to travel.

  • Absolutely a fantastic resource for rvers. I do Boondock but I appreciate the wonderful job you do. Terry and Lucy

  • Yep, my standard answer, as a 12 month a year fulltimer, to the question ” where is home?” – A – “where ever I am parked.”

  • I love your newsletter! Am still to poor to pay for copies, but want you to know I appreciate the newsletter SO much1 Thanks for keeping us informed on the goings on in the RV world. I’m hoping to join the throng soon!

  • About being swabbed at the airport- what if you had been shooting at the range a couple of hours before your flight?!?

    • Supposedly the swab doesn’t look for gunpowder. They lie; of course it does, if they actually wanted to find explosives.

      Supposedly it looks for only unburnt powder…again, it might indicate less, but detects that too.

      What happens? The first detection, you get extra attention and searching. After that, you get searched more often “randomly” as a person of interest. If you keep setting it off, you’ll eventually be put on “no fly” but I don’t know the official threshold for that – it’s probably discretionary based on how tolerant you are to harassment.

      If you shoot frequently, wash your hands WELL. I suspect you can’t wash off residue well enough or the swab would be useless. Which, of course, it is. Just like removing shoes, pat downs, tiny shampoo, and the line of GGGGGG on your ticket if you check a firearm. But, we pretend…

  • Question:
    Are Rv Dealers required to carry insurance on RV’s in their shop for damages such as vandalism?

    • Hi, Corinne. Here’s a news item we reported recently in our RV Travel Newsletter:

      Emily Simmons and Tim McKesson’s RV camper was parked for six weeks in the Camping World lot in Fountain, Colo., awaiting warranty work. When they left it, they requested it be put behind the shop’s locked gates, but it was never moved. Wednesday night [December 20] their trailer was broken into along with several others. They are out thousands of dollars, and they have also lost their trust. “They [Camping World] also didn’t disclose to us that they would not cover our vehicle if it got broken into on their lot. If they would have, we would have pulled it off their lot knowing they didn’t have any security,” McKesson said. “… I would never take my camper back there after this,” he added. KRDO NewsChannel 13 called Camping World, which confirmed that multiple break-ins did occur Wednesday night, but when asked about their security measures, they reportedly hung up. Source:

      We don’t know if that’s just Camping World’s policy, or if it depends on the CW location, or if any other RV dealers also have this policy — or lack thereof. It may be at their discretion, so it would be good to check first, before leaving your RV for maintenance, etc. — just in case. Thanks for asking, and good luck! —Diane at

  • Great newsletter (827) – really appreciated the phrase, “overstimulated for a guy who is, unbeknownst to most people, a closet introvert”. That hits so very close to home with regard to myself. Perhaps it is one of the pivotal factors with regard to how RVing is/has changed. Where it used to be many took to RVing/camping to ‘get away’, to explore, and to enjoy a leisurely pace. The ‘modern’ RVer wants to take all the ‘energy’ of their lives with them on the road. And in many cases that translates as loud and invasive.

  • Cottonwood Campground at Canyon de Chelly in Chinle, AZ was not free when I stayed there in October 2016. It was reasonably priced at 16.00 per night.

    RV Travel Newsletter Issue 827 stated that it is “free first-come first-serve”.


  • I have to say this. You were profiled. When a TSA agent looks at you and there is something? They will pat you down. Normally this is not the norm. My daughter went thru her first flight solo and had a wonderful TSA experience. Especially coming home from Laguardia. She was flying home from NYC with a giant Pokemon plushie. The guy looked at her and said aloud, Pokemon in this bin, electronics in this bin and everything else here. She loved it. Made the experience worth while. So kudos to the Laguardia NYC airport. You will see her back again..

  • Jessica Bruder covers a lot of ground in Nomadland. A lot of problems seem to come together to create what she writes about. I can’t believe the book can be reviewed without mentioning Bob Wells. I don’t know what the RV industry thinks of Mr. Wells. I think he helps people, but it’s becoming a sales pitch, more and more. But both this site and the site Mr. Wells maintains seem pretty dependent on Amazon. So is Amazon like a ‘good’ thing, at least the way they run the warehouses? I’ll say “no”, that this is very troublesome.

  • Good Day Chuck. Did you see a story about a Houston suburb that has a zoning law preventing FEMA from placing RVs on lots of uninhabitable homes? I only saw the teaser once on a Fresno CA TV station. Just wondering?

  • Where is the DEF fill on the 2015 Newmar Ventana LE 3635 diesel motorhome? The DEF tank is on the drivers side and I have to open the door to get to the tank. Then I open the fill and put in the DEF. It is difficult to hold the container and fill the tank. There is a flap on the outside of the coach that looks like it goes to nowhere but does it go to the tank? It would be much easier to fill if that was the DEF outside fill because it is higher up. Is that the outside DEF fill opening on the outside of my coach? Otherwise, I have not figured out what it is for. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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