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Comments for RV Travel Reader RVs, Apr. 15, 2017

  • Question: Have I missed any articles in the Newsletter about rving and not pulling a toad.? If so, please direct me.

    Forgive my bald speech but I have just spent about an hour to try to succinctly and ladylike-ly tell you that I am worrying about eventually downsizing from what is now a DH/DW rving lifestyle in what to me is a huge rv (31 feet – bunkroom, etc.) Class C to a ‘loner’ rving lifestyle in a Class B or B+. Without car or motorcycle?

    Right now I navigate, research stopping places, act as executive chef, research things to do, and oversee that everything ‘rv house and rv truck’ are sounding and seem to be functioning problem-free. Rich drives, does engineer duties. cuisine comment, and votes on what roads we use.

    Being able to retreat into my very own corner is really important for me.

    The the crux of the matter.: How do others do without a car in case of breakdowns as well as in places that being able to get around locally is crucial? What are the pluses and the minuses?

  • To Kathy-Lopez Martin, Be advised that most RV parks will not accept RVers with more than 1 to 2 pets, 3 at the most. And some such at Tampa South, don’t take pets at all. Best of luck to you.

  • get some bicycles, ad do a lot of walking, are the only replacement for the toads that i can see