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Comments for RVer put dimmer switch in bathroom — Why didn’t it work?

  • Instead of a dimmer switch, use a night light. It will light the room enough to use, but not too bright to be uncomfortable. Get the 12V light at any RV supply store.

  • There ARE 12VDC dimmers, but as Mike said, they are not the same as triac-based AC dimmers. “Similar” to how triacs remove part of the AC wave, the DC dimmer creates an on-off cycling of the DC power at variable duty cycles (called Pulse Width Modulation or PWM) This is the only way to dim LED lights effectively, but it works on incandescent as well (sometimes in a less linear fashion). You can get wired-in PWM dimmers or even ones with remote controls for around $5 if you search around.

    Editor: Here’s the link to the remote control dimmer switch Wolfe is referring to at Amazon.