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Comments for RVers who give other RVers a bad name: April 18, 2017

  • Chuck, Keep up the good work! At least we have an advocate out there, someone (you) to let the CG owners know that all is not perfect in their own little worlds. And for those with the $100K+ motorhomes, they revolve with the world, not the world around them. I can’t imagine tent camping next to a sewer drain. Here in SE Louisiana, it is often hard to even land a site with sewer hook-up ie. Fontainebleau State Park with only 6 sites out of 300+ with sewer hookups. Best wishes on future essays and don’t take the negative comments too personally when you tell it like it is. Some people just won’t listen to the truth!

  • Is there any update on whether the trailer was moved by the owner or towed by the city?