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Comments for RVing birdwatchers: New app helps identify birds

  • Hi,
    I was going to download this app on my grand daughter ‘s iPod but read the reviews first.
    Not saying they haven’t improved but there are no positive reviews in over a year. Decided not to take up the space on her device. She is six years old and loves to identify birds on our property which is almost four acres of wooded area in Bucks County, PA.
    Do you have personal knowledge of Birdsnap or just company news releases?
    Mike Albert

  • Like Mike I took a look at the reviews and found that they were terrible! Hopefully the developers will make some improvements. Maybe you could update us on this if you hear that things are better. Until then, my old dog-eared readers digest guide will continue to do its job…

  • I use “Merlin” which was developed by Cornell university.
    VERY simple and works well.