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Comments for RVing with dogs in summer: Avoid pet heat stroke

  • I travel with an ADA protected service dog, and reserve dog sites to avoid explaining ADA to folks. I’ve still had overzealous busybodies freak out for having my (jacketed) dog with me outside “my” site, but theres no prying open closed minds.

    That said, the weather occasionally turns unexpectedly insanely hot, and I am curious if RVTravel or readers have input on generator/air conditioning rights under ADA? At one NY site, I encountered a “generator nazi” park ranger so severe they couldn’t even stand my burst-running AC from batteries (yes, you read that right…no genny running but it still “must be” against “some rule”). Doing so obviously quickly clobbers the batteries, so I’d idle the (600A alternator) truck 30 mins/day to recharge the bank. Ranger then claimed you can’t idle a parked vehicle (again, not a real regulation any more than it was my preference). Considering my actual generator is about as (not-very) loud as the AC, would you think ADA “reasonable accomodation” should have covered occasional life saving generator? In this case, the ranger actually insisted “its not his problem if your dog dies, as long as you dont run a generator outside the two official hours” and “if your dog can’t take the heat, you shouldn’t bring him camping.” Am I the crazy one here?

  • I’m not a lawyer, but i believe ADA protects what accommodations have to be afforded for equal access, not what accommodations they can ban(?)… You might have a claim for inciting animal cruelty, but that may go against you more than park stupidity as well.

    Your experiences with crazy rangers in NY may not be unique. Last year I visited a park that cut off all their potable spigots, SERIOUSLY expecting RVs to fill 50G from a bucket instead of hose…that was their solution to someone connecting to the shared fillup, instead of addressing the actual violator. I had another site host insist noone is allowed to walk dogs on public roads (outside their own dog-site). Although NY parks have huge 20Ksf sites in beautiful places, the park admins seem intent on being as unwelcoming as possible lately. 🙁