Past Survey Results
11/25/2015 In dollars spent, roughly what percent of your holiday shopping will be done online?
11/18/2015 When shopping for food, which method of payment do you use most frequently?
11/11/2015 How much do you estimate you spent on maintenance and repairs to your RV in 2015?
11/4/2015 For couples: When RVing do you most often sleep in the same bed or separate ones?
10/28/2015 How handy are you at fixing things?
10/21/2015 Do you filter the water that comes into your RV when hooked up?
10/14/2015 How sheltered from the elements is your RV when it's not being used?
10/7/2015 How well positioned is the main TV in your RV for easy viewing?
9/30/2015 For couples: Do you get along better with your significant other at home or on the road with your RV?
9/23/2015 How many times have you been married?
9/16/2015 What is your primary source of news?
9/9/2015 Do you have a designated "secret" hiding place in your RV for valuables?
9/2/2015 For your RV's primary driver: Did you ever receive any formal, professional instruction on how to drive or tow an RV?
8/26/2015 Have you ever had a problem with rodents in your RV?
8/19/2015 How do you feel about built-in TVs on the outside of RVs?
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