Past Survey Results
12/17/2014 How comfortable is/was the bed that was installed in your RV when it was new?
12/10/2014 Do you subscribe to a printed RV magazine or receive one as part of an RV club membership?
12/3/2014 Would you loan your RV to your best friend for a short, close-by trip?
11/26/2014 About how much did you pay for your current RV?
11/19/2014 Have you already or will you winterize your RV for this winter season?
11/12/2014 How comfortable are you flying? Any "fear of flight?"
11/5/2014 Ideally, how often do you like to take a shower or bath?
10/29/2014 Have you ever posted a video to YouTube?
10/22/2014 Do you think the United States should stop minting pennies?
10/15/2014 If you won an all-expenses paid RV trip, which of these non-North American places would be your choice to explore?
10/8/2014 From which of the following sources do you learn the most about RVing?
10/1/2014 Have you ever had cosmetic plastic surgery?
9/24/2014 How would you best describe your financial situation?
9/17/2014 How often do you watch videos on YouTube and elsewhere online compared to a year ago?
9/10/2014 What is your main source of accessing the Internet when you are RVing?
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