Past Survey Results
9/17/2014 How often do you watch videos on YouTube and elsewhere online compared to a year ago?
9/10/2014 What is your main source of accessing the Internet when you are RVing?
9/3/2014 Do you carry a portable space heater with you in your RV?
8/27/2014 Do you ever drive or fly somewhere and then rent an RV?
8/20/2014 Did your parents take you camping as a child?
8/13/2014 Do you use Facebook?
8/6/2014 Are you happy with your present RV or do you now wish you had bought a different one?
7/28/2014 Do you believe Bigfoot exists somewhere in North America?
7/21/2014 What beverage do you most often consume to start your day?
7/14/2014 When choosing an RV park, how important is it that it offers WiFi?
7/7/2014 When staying at an RV park, how important is a swimming pool?
7/2/2014 How many RVs have you owned in your life?
6/24/2014 Do you aspire to be a full-time RVer some day?
6/17/2014 How many fire extinguishers do you carry with you when RVing?
6/10/2014 About how many miles did you travel with your RV last year?
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