Past Survey Results
4/16/2014 In the last 10 years or so, or in the last 10 years before retiring, to what degree did you enjoy your job?
4/9/2014 How many keys do you have on your most used keychain?
4/2/2014 Did you pay cash for your present RV or finance it over time?
3/24/2014 How would you best describe your employment status?
3/17/2014 What type of RV do you travel with the most?
3/12/2014 How long has it been since you spent more than one day in a U.S. National Park?
3/5/2014 How important was doing research online in determining where you bought your current RV?
2/26/2014 How likely is it that you will purchase a park model RV some day?
2/19/2014 How many colds would you say you're averaging a year for the last few years?
2/12/2014 Do you believe intelligent life exists on other planets in the Universe?
2/5/2014 Compared to five years ago, how often do you use a printed book or directory to determine where you will camp next?
1/30/2014 Do you drive with your RV's refrigerator running on propane?
1/23/2014 Compared to 10 years ago, how often do you use a printed Yellow Pages-type telephone directory?
1/16/2014 How long has it been since you had your RV weighed?
1/9/2014 Will you attend an RV show sometime in the next few months?
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