Past Survey Results
2/14/2016 When traveling with your RV how often do you hook up to electricity?
2/10/2016 Have you ever spent the night in your RV at a truck stop?
2/3/2016 Are you currently a member of the Good Sam Club?
1/27/2016 For full-timers: What type of RV do you travel with?
1/20/2016 For motorhome owners: Does your RV have a built-in, automatic leveling system?
1/13/2016 Do you own or rent a traditional "stick" home?
1/6/2016 How many miles are there on your RV or tow vehicle?
12/30/2015 Where did you buy your present RV?
12/23/2015 Should drivers over a certain age be tested to qualify to drive or tow an RV?
12/16/2015 Would you spend $500,000 for an RV if you were incredibly wealthy?
12/9/2015 How much is the monthly loan payment on your RV?
12/2/2015 Do you generally change the oil in your RV or tow vehicle yourself or pay to have it done?
11/25/2015 In dollars spent, roughly what percent of your holiday shopping will be done online?
11/18/2015 When shopping for food, which method of payment do you use most frequently?
11/11/2015 How much do you estimate you spent on maintenance and repairs to your RV in 2015?
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