Past Survey Results
5/20/2015 For motorhome owners only: Do you tow a dinghy?
5/13/2015 How long is your RV?
5/6/2015 When you need to do laundry on the road, where do you MOST OFTEN do it?
4/29/2015 Is it right for your neighbors to hang wind chimes that you are forced to listen to?
4/22/2015 When you read books, do you mostly read fiction or non-fiction?
4/15/2015 How often do you wear seat belts while seated in a motor vehicle?
4/8/2015 Have you ever worked at McDonalds?
4/1/2015 How often do you take a nap?
3/25/2015 Where are you reading this newsletter right now?
3/18/2015 When you bought your RV how important was its exterior paint job/graphics to your buying decision?
3/11/2015 Does your RV have automatic levelers?
3/4/2015 Are you a dog or cat person?
2/25/2015 How long has it been since you last used a pay telephone?
2/18/2015 Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Select only one answer.
2/11/2015 If you were to able to live as you wish, how much time would you choose to live in a house vs. an RV?
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