Past Survey Results
8/26/2015 Have you ever had a problem with rodents in your RV?
8/19/2015 How do you feel about built-in TVs on the outside of RVs?
8/12/2015 Will your next RV likely be longer or shorter than your present RV?
8/5/2015 How many RVs have you owned?
7/29/2015 How many U.S. states have you visited with an RV?
7/22/2015 For RVers who stay overnight for free at Wal-Mart stores: What best describes your most common reason for staying?
7/15/2015 How often do you use a printed directory when searching for campgrounds?
7/8/2015 Do you have an electric blanket on your RV's bed?
7/1/2015 How much is "too much" to pay for a campsite for one night?
6/24/2015 How often do you use a generator on your RV trips?
6/17/2015 Do you sing in the shower?
6/10/2015 Do you have a tire pressure monitoring system on your motorized RV or tow vehicle?
6/3/2015 If someone offered you an exceptionally good price on your RV, would you sell it?
5/27/2015 How often do you listen to (audio) podcasts about RVing?
5/20/2015 For motorhome owners only: Do you tow a dinghy?
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