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How often do you carry a computer with you on your RV travels?
With  2070 responses thus far, here's how the voting is going:
73.14% (1514)
Most of the time
12.13% (251)
About half the time
2.46% (51)
Rarely, but once in awhile
3.24% (67)
9.03% (187)

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has anyone tried verizon mobile internet? how reliable and far reaching is it? Is it usable while moving?
Posted:   10/4/2009  By: Pam B  

We spend a total of about 8 months on the road crisscrossing the country. We are able to monitor our finances, bills, and the health of my parents and an aging aunt. We have alerts set up for each of our accounts for suspicious activity. We use our credit card everywhere we travel and must monitor its activity closely. We have three: one for each of us and a third that we use when teaching rider education seminars for a national m/c association. And we are able to keep in touch with our 10.9 grandchildren via our webcam.
Posted:   3/7/2009  By: ShaRon - Beltsville, MD  

Like other full timers who have commented my wife and I each have lap tops. We also have a network printer that supports both our laptops. We maintain all of our repeating bills such as insurance, DIRECTV, Verizon, credit cards, and savings and checking accounts online. Instead of receiving paper bills through the post office companies are only too happy to save postage and having to print statements by sending us monthly statements via email. This also frees us from having to have our mail forwarded to us more often than every three or four weeks. I use Quicken to manage all our checking and savings accounts. We can monitor all our accounts by daily Quicken downloads. A few years ago we were scammed and lost $6900 from our checking account it could have been more if I only saw account activity once a month (fortunately VISA totally reimbursed us for the loss). My wife also has a vintage doll business and buys items and sells her products on eBay. We also keep in close touch with our family and friends through email. To support our wireless environment we have a Kyocera KR1 wireless router which holds a Kyocera KR1 PC Air card. The router uses wireless communication to our two laptops and the printer. For our Kyocera wireless router we have a Verizon account that costs us $60 per month.
Posted:   3/1/2009  By: Jack, Oregon  

I always carry two if not three laptops. I make my "traveling money" by using the internet daily. If I want to continue traveling, I must use a laptop computer.
Posted:   3/1/2009  By: Snipe Hunter  

"WELL"! it is bad enought to carry a "CELLPHONE" "ALL" my email can wate till I get back!
Posted:   3/1/2009  By: MS. SARAH SEATTLE  

Why??? We take off to get away from phones and computers. Of course if there is an emergency back home we can be reached. We are not full timers yet, just the 2 weeks several times a year.
Posted:   2/28/2009  By: Anonymous  

We always carry two laptops at a minimum, sometimes three. We just got a Sprint broadband card and a portable router so we can both be wireless and connected at the same time.
Posted:   2/28/2009  By: Judy and Ron  

A computer? How about two? Or our friends who have three? I would rather forget my husband and my toothbrush than to forget my computer.
Posted:   2/28/2009  By: Anonymous  

I am not a full timer which I understand why they have a computer. But the weekender and 1 to 2 week vacationers I dont understand, I go to get away from the hum drum of city life. I had to work 8 to 10 hours a day using the computer and phone being a aircraft parts buyer. As far as a GPS, I had chances to get free ones from Garman but turned them down as every couple of years you have to get a new chip to keep updated. I have never had a problem using a map. I am retired now and only get on the computer every so often and never on a phone unless I have to.
Posted:   2/28/2009  By: Flatlander  

Not only does our laptop keep us connected to family and friends, we handle all our finances with ebills, estatements and epayments. I also still work by telecommuting. We feel like the Jetsons with a motorhome and not a spacecar.
Posted:   2/28/2009  By: Anonymous