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Comments for Save money when buying LED lighting for your RV

  • Have purchased bulbs this way for several years. Some don’t last very long, some start to blink, and some are dim. The ratings stated in the listing sometimes are not accurate. But, the ones that work are so inexpensive that it makes it worthwhile to replace the ones that start to flicker. I just buy a new set of 10 each year for about the price of one of the Camping World bulbs.

  • I replaced all bulbs inside and out (break, tail, porch) no old school bulbs anymore. Also replace the old Colman A/C.. the coach draws so little now I have run it (a/c runnin with fridge, tv and electric water heater) off a standard 110 outlet. Led is a huge reduction on power draw. And yes this was purchased on ebay. Be for warned that there is no color standard for leds so some are very blue and some are warm yellow.. and anything in between. Buy all your needs from one seller that shows what color they are.

  • Would love to make the switch to LED’s in my motorhome, but I really want the ability to dim the bulbs. Finding that 12 volt LED dimmable combination seems impossible.