Secret alien spy post in my backyard?

Secret alien spy post in my backyard?


By Chuck Woodbury
I was poking around on Google Maps this morning when I saw this oval shaped object. My RV park is in the top right corner.

Look down from there to the left and you will see what I am talking about. It’s all by itself at the end of a dead end road.

Now, to the right, is a closer look. Does this look like some kind of futuristic structure? Maybe something do with outer space? Or spying? A missile silo, maybe? A giant laser beam weapon? It looked just plain weird to me as I stared at it.

It wouldn’t be so unusual for something mysterious to be here: Area 51, famous for its UFO activities, is not far away. 

What it looks like up close.

Well, the truth is, after asking around, I learned it’s a domed water storage tank. According to one long-time local resident, there are others in the area, all storing well water.

The black you see in the Google satellite view is the shadow of the dome.



3 thoughts on “Secret alien spy post in my backyard?

  1. Cheryl wright

    Good one Chuck! I was all set to find out about a new and secret scientific project. Lol! It gave me a chuckle! What else could I ask for!

  2. Melissa

    There was a lot of complaining in this issue about overcrowded campgrounds and I’m sure things have changed. Somebody needs to get off the Beaten Track into more small towns. There are beautiful RV parks that need your business. Yeah, maybe they’re not fancy, but that’s life on the road. And as for rude people, yes, civility is in decline, due to an anti-tradition/ anti-church culture, and poor education. However, an RV can get you out of the city environment where most of this rot is confined. It’s still an awesome lifestyle and the best out there in my opinion.

  3. Joe Schmidt / Winding Roafs

    Why is there an increasing number of rude, self centered, uncaring people? We ‘re rapidly losing people skills and even awareness of people as we spend more and more of our life starring at computer and phone screen, shop and buy on line, self check outs and gas stations, business robo answerers, drive-through banks so we don’t even interact with people waiting to use the outside auto teller, self driven taxis so we don’t even h talk to a driver, and you can add many more to that lisr. once upon a time ago I was a member of a cartooning organization and we met one for some month and had a great time but slowly people just became tired of of what they may have seen as an inconvenience in order to driving somewhere .. when they can pick up the phone and entertain themselves. So… clubs and groups of all kinds are dwindling. Truthfully, we have to make an effort to get out somewhere and actually interact with people.

    Oh… and getting back to RV’s… They have become so pleasant and filled with amenities inside that going outside of your RV in a campground almost isn’t even necessary anymore.

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