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Comments for Seven brutally honest truths about full-time travel

  • What you wrote perfectly describes our lifestyle on the road. Except for the fact that we walk instead of running, everything else you wrote about is exactly what we feel & experience. It’s like you were writing about our full time travels.

  • So on the mark. I get somewhat annoyed when friends/acquaintances tell me you have to go here or there. It puts a pressure on to fill someone else’s expectations.

  • Perfect! I hate setting itineraries with schedules and destinations (though sometimes it just can’t be avoided, especially if you’re traveling with some other folks that MUST do this). We’ve been winging it for 20 years now and still love it. I must add though, that we live out west (NV) and “winging it” works out much better here than much of the midwest and east.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your article. You are spot on.

    When we first started full-timing we moved. One week here, one week there. We had reservations along our planned route.

    Then, about two years in we stopped and smelled the roses. We never make reservations now. We stay longer in some places and enjoy the local atmosphere. Sometime we stay months, sometime we stay a couple of days depending on what this newly discovered place has to offer.

    Friends and acquaintances make suggestions of places we MUST go to. If it happens that we pass that way we MIGHT stop and see what they think is great but we never make that a planned destination. Sometimes we go back where we have been before just because we found it a wonderful place to hang our hats for a while.

    That’s what full time travels is for us.

  • Spot on! But for me it isn’t an either-or thing: I can’t ignore the freebie tourist guides and brochures — I read everything. I make lists of places that sound interesting. And what we’ve discovered is that the best things we’ve found are those that happened along the way: the “planned” destination is just a starting point. We head out with one thing in mind, open to everything else, and know adventure awaits 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

    • Agreed. It is as much the journey as the destination! I also prefer to browse the guides & brochures, which show so many hidden local gems, over a cup of tea, instead of reading a book or magazine. Plus, would rather take a minor detour than have to backtrack to something we didn’t want to miss while in the area.

  • When we travel we love to look for the brown signs. And pull off and check out these places. We have found some of the most incredible places. A town that had a great museum that happened to be closed the Monday we pulled into their parking lot. A gentleman pulled up next to us in a car who happened to be a volunteer at the museum and let us in and gave us a private tour and then took us around the town to point out all the wonderful places in the town. Leave yourself open and you never know what might happen!

  • Agree with all but # 3.. been fulltiming for 16 years.. ofen heard about Alaska.. it exceeded everything we had heard about it ended up spending 3 month up there, awesome.

    • Except for the monster mosquitoes and hordes of people on every fish hole they can get to..especially on the Kenai…we lived there for 12 years…I finally had enough.

  • I find that talking with the locals; just talking; whenever and wherever you stop will open up opportunities and places you would have missed without it. Always stay open to new things and don’t always worry about a “schedule” and you can then relax and be truly happy!

  • We’re into our 12th year of full timing, and have to agree with everything you said…very eloquent truth!

  • Living in any kind of RV anymore is getting too expensive..then there are the RV cops who claim you have to have a certain year or newer coach to use their facility…I guess that justifies their $500 a month plus electric prices. Some RV parks are even worse on prices.It pays to shop around ahead of your journey.

  • Full time travel, like many areas of life will be different for everyone. I do not agree with #3 as we sometimes get our best tips on where to go and what to see from others. I, myself, adore Portland, ME, Providence, RI, and Burlington, VT. It all has to do with personal preferences.