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Comments for A sewer hose that withstands cold weather

  • I am using the hose that you wrote about, stayed st Oak Hallow CG in Highpoint, NC. at temps of 13 plus the wind chill coming off the lake. Apparently didn’t get all the gray water out of hose and decided not to put it away. Yes it froze with ice chunks, put it in the car with the heat on high and in a couple of hours it thawed and no leaks today in 40 plus degrees.

  • Why would you use a sewer hose in freezing weather? Why wouldn’t you just dump the tanks when they are full and the weather is warmer?…..and when done dumping (about 5 minutes) put them away and not worry about the hose freezing? Really, screwing/unscrewing that sewer hose is no big deal!

    • We have been in the RV for nine months while we were traveling . Now we are in an RV Park for five months while our house is being built.
      To answer your question why would you have your sewer hose connected all the time? We have had two weeks of temperature below 14 degrees for the lows. If you fill your holding tanks up, they will freeze and crack, so you have to empty frequently and wash with the grey water.

  • If Chuck and Gail spent time in really cold weather for extended periods ( they would only if unavoidable) there sewer system would stand up to the weather because it was designed for extreme heat, as well as extreme cold.
    In addition because their hose is always connected to the tanks outlet and has an ON/OFF valve built into the sewer inlet fitting, they have a couple of “dumping in extreme cold” choices.
    1. Chuck or Gail (yes Gail dumps the holding tanks) can leave the hose in the weather without damage, or, 2 Extend the hose and dump the tanks, then return it to the water bay until the next time they need to dump. If they were faced with, or decided they liked extreme cold camping, they could have a water bay heater installed so the hose would not have frozen water in it. This would cost a lot less than heat tape on all external piping and is more effective.

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