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Comments for So many weather apps — Pick one and learn it

  • We have found that using two (for us Dark Skies and Weather Channel) work best. Why? Because at least here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather can change dramatically in less than a mile, so having the hyper-local information of Dark Skies is valuable, particularly for the next hour, which it’s best at. If we want to look at weather in other locations, or longer term, usually the Weather Channel is better. We also find that comparing the two is useful, as when they agree, we can figure that it’s pretty certain (they seem to favor different models). When they disagree, then we have to figure which seems more likely, based on history, and our understanding of the local patterns.

        • The 3-line menu is at the top left by the title of the Weather Channel. It’s not there when you’re on the Layers screen, it’s before you get there. It’s for exploring all the general settings and for Help.

      • Sorry, Harry. I’ll contact Chris Guld, of, and I’m sure she’ll be able to help you. (I’m sorry — I was going to take care of this last week and forgot. 😮 ) —Diane at

  • My favorite is Storm. Another hyper-local app that follows me somI don’t have to enter a location.