Spiderman is a wild and crazy RVer!

By Chuck Woodbury
This animated video is just too much. I’m not sure what its creator was smoking or taking, but whatever the case this is just totally bizarre, and really funny.

It starts, it appears to me, from the shores of California’s Salton Sea when Spiderman picks up an old (very long) motorhome and somehow gets it to run. Once underway, he meets up with a gorilla. Spiderman likes to dance and the gorilla is fond of yoga and meditation. Spiderman is also a good mechanic. At one point, he hijacks a tow truck and hauls the RV back to a repair shop where he climbs underneath with some wrenches and then off he and the gorilla go — now traveling Route 66.

And making this even funnier, the soundtrack is popular kids songs — Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc.

Take a few minutes to watch this. It’ll make your day — and leave you scratching your head wondering why anyone would take the time to concoct such a crazy mini-movie.


7 Thoughts to “Spiderman is a wild and crazy RVer!”

  1. Rick and Marilyn

    Your a hit with the Grandkids!!!

    Love it

  2. Gerry

    Welllll, that’s 10 minutes I’ll never get back.
    Ok, it was entertaining but only because we just got back from Oregon.

  3. Keith Harvey

    The Creator is not so good and I’m afraid you have been sniffing to many diesel fumes. Sorry we don’t share the same humor.
    New followers, Keith and Sue Harvey

  4. kamwick

    Someone was using some serious substances…????

  5. Elaine Schuster

    That Spiderman is a lousy driver.

  6. Sheridan Ball

    OK Chuck, you’re losing it. That’s 10 minutes I’ll never get back.

  7. Tommy Molnar

    This looks like a hacked version of Grand Theft Auto. The scenery and places look familiar – ha.

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