Comments for Stinky cow poop around Yuma

  • Chuck, I have to question your ability to count cows and your math. According to news reports, the capacity of the JBS/ McElhaney lot at Welton is 130,000 head. The daily production per animal of 65 pounds of manure is over 2/3 water. However, 65 lbs X 130,000 head = 8,450,00 lbs or 4225 tons every day

  • Hi Chuck,
    We love your comments regarding living in a small space. We too, have a 32 foot Coachmen Leprechaun C (which we figure makes our living space about 5′ shorter), but we have been full timers for 4 years and have never looked back. We too would like a washer and dryer and maybe 1 and a half baths, but are very happy in our current home. We are currently staying in Yuma Lakes RV Resort (a RCA membership park) and we love it. We just missed you in Parker at the River Island State Park, we were staying I Havasu Springs, but hope to meet you some time.

    See you down the road maybe,

    Rob and Arlene

  • You evidently believe hamburger comes in frozen patties at the supermarket and do not realize that there are feedlots….I am simply amazed at ignorance…it’s only in dusty back water Arizona that has them….they aren’t in the Midwest or Texas and there were never feedlots in Chicago and South St Paul MN….

    • No, hamburger comes from space aliens. Oh, Mr. Conley, lighten up. This isn’t ignorance, it’s just an attempt at humor. You didn’t get it. No problem.

  • Just wanted to let you know, I’m in Wellton, not far from Tacna and we sometimes get a smell of the feed yard. To me it’s like being home and a smell I almost miss. I’m from Carnation WA and the smell there is now gone but that smell (to me it’s a clean smell) here brings me back to Carnation. I love the extra sunshine you get down here but go back to Carnation for my summers. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. The smell you talk of is not really that bad if you just change your own mental picture of it. By the way, I hope you had a chance to stop into Jac’s Whistle Stop, the food there is very good, especially the French dip.

    • Richard,
      You’re right about “changing your mental picture.” To me, not being accustomed to the smell, it was not pleasant. We have moved on now, so it’s just another interesting memory of one place we visited in our full-time travels. — Chuck

  • Hiya Chuck,
    We’re here in Tacna, AZ , been here a couple months Sometimes get that smell from the feedlot over by Wellton. I was raised in Kansas, around cattle, hogs, chickens, etc. They say ya get used to it………NOT! ?

  • Each time we drive across I10 west of El Paso we see (and smell) the same thing but I read somewhere that the El Paso stink is milk cows. Seems to smell the same, though.