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Comments for Stupid RV design: Another example

  • Okay, now that is just so sad. Of course, I have to wonder about the idiot consumer who would purchase this thinking it was okay. If someone pays any amount of money for something so obviously poorly designed they deserve what they get. Take a hint kiddies, if it has to be displayed this way do you really want it? What about the design flaws that aren’t so readily visible. There is still such a thing as let the buyer beware. If we will buy into this kind of poor design why should the industry want to change it?

  • OK they cut the “lid” to open it, but in my house my wife constantly drums it into me to raise the seat when I gotta tinkle.
    So in order to raise the seat to tinkle the seat would also have to be cut. I don’t think that would be very comfortable to sit on when you have to do your doody.

  • Gee, that’s the same toilet we have in our travel trailer. Only difference is, we don’t have to cut half the lid off to open it. And, we didn’t have to pay a half million to get it.

  • I have a feeling that there are no women involved with the designing of most of the RV’s I have seen. It’s a shame that the quality control officers let these RV’s out of the factory and unto the dealers in these conditions! Also, dealers need to go over the RV’s with a “fine tooth comb” before accepting them onto their lots

  • The designing engineers should be RVers, not people making a quick buck getting the job done.

    These designers should also be required to live in their designs.

  • How about TP holders? They go from “none” to ridiculous like on the wall behind and above the toilet – that was on a $100k fifth wheel. You don’t have to be an RV’er, just a regular TP user to rethink that design! Or perhaps the designers don’t use TP?

  • Patti L. nailed it. If you continue to buy into poor design and low quality, there will be no incentive for the industry to improve.
    You will get what you tolerate.

  • A simple fix would appear to be rotating the toilet slightly to the left when referencing the picture. All you’d have to do is re position/remount the flange underneath….not a big deal. If I really liked the coach otherwise I’d do it (or have the dealer do it).

  • Just more proof that winnebago is on a steep downhill slide. I have purchased new Winnebagos in 1990, 2006, and 2015. After this last purchase, I will never buy another. Too bad, the company was the leader in RVs. Now they are what I consider an embarrassment to the industry

    • Reply to Jim Krauciunas:

      I completely agree! We have also had Winnebago/Itasca motorhome and loved them. Our 2014 was a complete failure and embarrassment to what used to be a top notch manufacturer. We had to sell our 2014 at a loss just to wake up from the nightmare! It will be very hard to trust them again. New Winnie/Itasca units I’ve checked out at dealers and shows have multiple obvious flaws which should have never made it past the initial factory installers – let alone the quality checks…

  • We have 2000 Adventurer and like the layout, design, etc. That is the main reason we have not bought a newer model.

  • This has to do with the design and manufacturing teams are NOT the people that use these vehicles. The companies are out for one thing and it’s not your satisfaction…

  • I told my boss about a removable tank on a toilet that did not have clearance to slide out. He said “good catch” but did nothing. The same thing happened with a leak I texted him about. Two months later he started repairs and blamed me for not following up.

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