Stupid RV tricks: Wish we had erasable memory!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

If you’ve spent any kind of time as an RVer, you have one (or, sadly, more) experience you’d just as soon be able to erase from your memory. Here’s a short list of some of the things some RVers who’ve carried Progressive Insurance fit into the category:

1. Driving off with steps extended.

2. Backing into a post or other “stationary object.”

3. “Woops!” miscalculation on overhead or side clearance.

4. Improperly connecting tow lights.

5. Running out of fuel.

Down on the list, but certainly one that they’ll never be left to forget: Driving away from an RV stop and leaving behind a member of the group. Typically those left behind were folks like spouses, pets or grandparents. Do this one yourself? Don’t feel bad — 20 of the respondents to the survey reported making this major gaff.

We often recommend preflight checklists for RVers, but obviously some of these boobers just don’t fit on the list. Got any “confessions” you’d like to make? Drop us a line: russ at rvtravel dot com.

Photo: Personal booboo, courtesy R&T DeMaris, after too long a day on the road.