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Comments for The bug that lives, poops and has sex on your face

  • Eeeeeeew!

    Think I’ll go stand in the shower for a couple hours. Then soak in the tub for the rest of the day.

  • Chuck, I just love your interesting comments.
    I often say I learn something new everyday.
    Today I learned why “Bald is Beautiful !”

    Keep up the good work !

  • HOLY CRAP … this is not only an exceptional RV magazine … it’s a very informative medical journal. No wonder my guardian angel told me to get Tea Tree Oil shampoo and use Tea Tree oil for various “parts” … I just sensed I needed this. WHOA!

  • Get ready to be even more bummed: Demodex mites don’t live in just any old pores. Two distinct species like to inhabit your eyelashes and the glands that keep everything working right over there.

    I’ll post the link to the optometry site that hear the best electron micrographs, after I tell you how to get rid of them:

    You will need: a small bottle of Dr Bronner’s baby soap, a 5 ml bottle of fresh Tea Tea Oil, and a bottle of Neem oil (neem is a tree leaf that has very powerful bad juju for bugs and very good juju for humans). Take the cap off the soap and dump 20 drops of tea tree oil into the bottle of soap. Shake the neem until it’s homogeneous. For some neem oils you will have to apply heat by way of a water bath to liquify the somewhat waxy oil. Put a teaspoon=5 ml into the soap and shake it all up. Wash your face with this morning and night, concentrating on the eyelids/lashes (This is why you needed baby soap, so it won’t sting too much) If you do find that it stings, be assured that neither Tea Tree nor neem is toxic to tissues in small amounts. Rinse your face very well, and apply moisturizer with sunscreen.

    Happy camping!

    –Dr Laura, the camp doctor