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Comments for The readers write: From parking lot camping to the RV industry

  • I cherished the day when shopping Camping World and was able to walk out without buying anything. Today, 11 years later, Camping World is my last resort for a place to stay , repairs, or the purchase of parts.

  • CW has become a “last resort” facility for me particularly since they automatically add a 10% shop fee to any repair work. So, if you had to replace a refrigerator costing $1500 you’d pay them an additional $150 for rags and such! Not me!

  • CW is a public company, so are a lot of RV manufactures….. Baby Boomers own a large amount of stock through their 401s and savings. Maybe it is time for the RV owners to pool their resources and let the industry know we are not “happy campers”