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  • I decided long ago to forego any business with CW when I read a sign in the service area that stated “10% will be added to all bills for shop supplies”. 10%? That’s an awfully large amount if you consider a $2 or 3 thousand dollar repair bill and for what rags and hand cleaner? Far too many repair shops (auto and RV) have decided that the flat rate manual was not enough money for them and have decided to simply add on extra charges for what should normally be considered “overhead” which is included in the hourly rate.

    • I concur…I am a retired diesel mechanic and worked in several large truck dealerships.I saw how the
      “shop supplies” was misused as many of us were very limited to the “shop supplies” we could use for our repair work…just more money in their pocket. Another part of the American greed problem.

  • Why don’t everyone boycott all R V manufacturers so they all go broke or close their business for good. buy from an owner get the rig checked out first before you buy it. that is the best way to get the manufacturers attention. If they can’t sell the R V s they will quit making them. Problem solved.

    • Good idea. Except for the fact that the dealers have already paid for them through what is called floor plan financing. That means, the dealer finances the inventory on the lot with their bank and the manufacturers have already been paid. The dealers pay interest on the units until they are sold.

  • When we first started RVing, Camping World had a great collection of RV accessories easily accessible in one place. We were OK knowing we were paying way too much for stuff we could buy elsewhere, but the convenience was worth it.

    We’ve been on the road now for 12 years. Five years ago, we exited a Camping World without buying a single item (first time). …Why pay high prices when everything is available elsewhere on the internet? We will never ever be back to a Camping World, we cherish our hard-earned money and prefer to have our rig serviced by mechanics who care.

  • As to the story about mistakes purchasing an RV I take issue with his numbers. I am sure other readers would agree. He states that after 3 yrs of ownership the value of his RV has declined $10,000. IMHO he is the luckiest RV owner in the world. And the value of the rig only declines 5 or 6 thousand when you drive it off the lot. BUT- there is one exception- those numbers would be accurate if the brand new Class A cost is around $20,000. That beast does not exist.

  • I would much rather pay check more money than continue to pay the FMCA membership. It’s magazine is a pretty much useless in that whatever RV they are writing about is always a goo RV. Of course the writer has to say that because of the advertising the RV company pays to FMCA.

    FMCA doesn’t provide the services it use to.

    OK Chuck I agree with many of your comments about badly constructed RV’S, many terrible campgrounds, etc etc. Ii applaud you for your position on not to accept the advertising that put you in the same position as FMCA. I don’t k ow when my FMCA subscription/membership expires but I will pay that amount to you. Be our Champion and advocate!!

    • Sorry about the mis spelled words. Using my cell phone and it’s also difficult to see the light colored words. My cell phone isn’t easy to type out the correct letters..

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