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Comments for The readers write — with power!

  • I laugh at those that say how unsafe it is to move around in a MH traveling down the road. They know it, you know it and I know it. Does my wife ? yes on occasion. Don’t you know you are preaching to the choir? Have you ever gone over the speed limit in your RV? Have you ever this Or that? It’s not safe! One can “what if” anything to death. Get real please and quit pontificating (like I just did). 😁

  • It is safe to get up and move around in a moving motorhome. It is not safe to move around in a motorhome if you are planning on having a wreck or driving unsafely. Just like car seats for children and seat belts for adults are not necessary unless you are planning on having a wreck or driving unsafely. Saying all that, we always buckle up ourselves and our kids while driving. But we do sometimes get up in our motorhome infrequently. We even have our two 25 pounds dogs secured in their cage during travel. Have fun, be safe. Life goes fast, life is short, go see God’s beautiful creation while you are able.

    • I’m sorry but that is just a silly statement…”if you are planning on having a wreck”. Who has ever planned on having a wreck?

      And it’s not the “you” that you necessarily need to be worried about having a wreck but the “others”. Maybe they “plan on having a wreck ” (said sarcastically) and it is with you. So I would say it is not safe. Now, with that being said, I do agree as someone else stated that we all are preaching to the choir. I have done it but try to be quick about it as well.

  • We have not faced not being able to get into an RV park, state park, or national park yet. But we are long range planners. So we book up to a year in advance or as early as some places let us make a reservation. The difference in the quality and upkeep of the RV parks is so different. All KOA’s are not equal. All Good Sam parks are not equal. We definitely need more RV parks and need nice RV parks. And the price to stay at an RV park is going up to what it cost 20 years ago in a motel. We have paid as little as $20 to stay at a government RV park and as much as $90 to stay at a private RV park. In Texas most state parks are very nice and reasonable. The national parks are very nice and reasonable. We went to 6 national parks this year and they were all great. Nicely managed. The crowds were huge in the national parks. I saw those trying to enter Yellowstone at 10:30 am on a weekday and the line of cars was backed up so far that I know they did not get in for hours. Fortunately, we were on our way out. That was the West Yellowstone entrance in July.