Tiffin limits factory service on older motorhomes


RED BAY, Ala., Feb. 20, 2017 — — Tiffin Motorhomes has advised RV owners of a change to its factory service policy that prohibits work on motorhomes older than four years, according to RV Daily Report.

The new policy will go into effect April 3 at the Red Bay facility.

In an email to RV owners, Tiffin advised owners of changes being made for factory service effective April 3. The new policy indicates that service is available on “eligible coaches” on a first-come, first-served basis from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day the center is open.

The service staff will assess needed repairs and coaches as follows:

•Regular service will be performed only on Tiffin motorhomes that are within four years of the original purchase date.
•Any Tiffin motorhome may go through express bay service that require repair by two service technicians working a maximum of three hours.
•If repairs exceed three hours, the staff will prioritize repairs for the first express bay visit, then owners can bring the unit back 60 days later to have additional work done.

The company expects most non-warranteed service to be completed in one express bay visit.

“A few years back Tiffin stopped setting up appointments for service for other than coaches under warranty,” wrote RVtravel.com reader John Pereira. “It became a first come first serve system. But, you were still able to have your Tiffin RV repaired at Tiffin no matter what year of manufacture and no matter what the issue.”

Tiffin customers who need to find the date their RV was first purchased — which is especially important for RV owners who bought a pre-owned motorhome — can call the Tiffin service center at (256) 356-0261 or email service@tiffinmotorhomes.com .

RV Daily Report asked for clarification of the policy, especially in how owners of 2013 and older RVs should get service, but Tiffin has not yet responded.

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11 Thoughts to “Tiffin limits factory service on older motorhomes”

  1. Mike

    Here’s an IDEA.

    If everyone went back to “CAMPING” instead of “Glamping:” you would not have these problems as you would not own a massive MOTORHOME which essentially is a HOUSE with all its own problems bolted to a TRUCK chassis with all its potential problems.

    And we wonder why we have problems with these inventions of “Modern Manufacturing”!

  2. Tom Frost

    This Industry needs to get a grip. Most RV Dealers have a limited service staff focused on delivering new RV’s. Getting service on an RV, even if its new is like a Veteran trying to be seen at the VA and thats mostly for coach issues. The problem doesn’t get any better when you want to get the chassis serviced. Freightliner just keeps saying bring the coach to Gaffney., SC What a joke. Their Oasis Network is for the most part non-existent. Its time the industry started spending some of those profits to build a network of service centers.

  3. Beverley

    There should be much better quality for as much as these cost. The warranty should be much better and for longer times as most people don’t use them full time or very often. No one should have to drive across the country to get something fixed and what if it couldn’t be driven. Will they have it transported to the factory for service. Simple quality of workmanship would probably fix a lot of the service problems.

  4. Tren

    I have a 2008 Phaeton and had planned on going to Red Bay in a month or so. Now I wish I had not bought a used Tiffin. Talk about alienating their customer base! Will they next insist on younger owners as well?

    1. Debi Pitzer

      In late November, we decided to take our 2008 Phaeton on a last minute trip from Texas to Red Bay to have roof rails, wet bay and drivers side slide-out (the big 3) checked out. We bought the Phaeton used in January 2014. Turns out we had to have new roof rails and wet bay replaced. I’m glad we did it since we have received this news! What a slap in the face to us “older” customers!

  5. MIchael St Denis

    By “Factory Service” you should clarify that is in Red Bay AL, not factory at a factory authorized repair facility. Correct?

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      That’s right, Michael. I just tweaked the story to better clarify that.


  6. Tim Baker

    What about more structural work where Tiffin warranties the work beyond the 4 years or work that cannot be done anywhere else but at Tiffin like painting?

  7. Marty Smith

    I wonder if the change is due to a large increase in warranty work. We have a couple parked near us for the winter with a new Tiffin. His pick list of warranty issues covers a full sheet of tablet paper and he is having trouble getting the list cut down to size. For instance, the parking brake handle falls through the console and it is nearly impossible to disengage the parking brake. I understand he has been told he will have to bring it back to the factory, a mere 1600 miles from where he is now.
    My 2004 paid for rig looks better and better every day.

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