Use your RV’s propane tank to fuel your gas barbecue

By Bob Difley
If you’re tired of having to buy those expensive propane canisters to operate your gas barbecue, and running out half way through the campground potluck, then this adaption is just for you.

A gas connect kit, which comes with the fittings including a T to connect to your rig’s propane tank, can fuel your barbecue right from your larger tank.

The cost of propane used will be cheaper than the canisters, and with the Quick Connect fitting it can be hooked up in seconds. You can leave it connected while you are camped and only need to pack it away when you move on.

Since I barbecue right next to my rig I installed two book shelf brackets above my propane tank so when I cook, I slip the extensions into the brackets and place a shelf on top. Voila! A place for holding utensils, tools, condiments, barbecue sauce, etc., right at hand.

Kits can be found at RV supply stores and propane outlets.

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