8 Thoughts to “Video: Travel trailer wipes out after passing truck”

  1. Rob

    Recently I had to stop reading the RV groups on Facebook because all you hear is I have a 1/2 ton pickup and it can tow my 9500 lbs dry RV no problem. You try and explain that it’s not made to do this job and all you get are these senseless Yahoo’s saying you will be fine. Tried to explain many times why you shouldn’t pull trailers over 5000 lbs with a 1/2 but yup you can’t fix stupid.

  2. John Springer

    Haven’t pulled a trailer for a while (I use an RV with an engine now), but when I did, I had a manual switch that would allow me to apply the brake on the trailer. I think that would have put him back in control.

  3. natravellers

    The stupid is strong in this one

  4. Rufus

    You can’t fix stupid.

  5. PeteD

    There are so many things wrong there. Inadequate tow vehicle for size of trailer, speed, hitch configuration……..I love my Hensley hitch for absolutely no sway safety. With the vehicle he’s towing with it would have prevented this accident.

    1. Moaboy

      I don’t think it is a function of an inadequate tv, hitch etc. it comes down to SPEED. Clearly driving too fast. Could have easily been prevented if the driver simply was not driving as fast. Moreover, u can see the driver did not slow down when the trailer began to sway.
      I suspect the weight that was on the back of the trailer may have lightened the Hitch weight which can also exacerbate trailer sway. Speed and poor weight distribution sure recipe for disaster.

      1. Nathan Rhodes

        Yeah, what does he have on the back of that thing, a chest freezer?

    2. Wayne Caldwell

      Peter, I fully agree with the comment regarding the Hensley (it came with our 2001 CrossRoads that we bought last year). But as great as the Hensley is, I sti!I keep the speed at 60 to 65.

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