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Comments for We tried an RV roof coating — Here’s our six-year report

    • Ron: carries it; we’ve also found it in some RV supply stores, and oddly enough, at least one ‘mom and pop’ hardware store. Here’s a link to Amazon: :

    • Hi, Ron —
      Here’s the Amazon link to the Heng’s products (also linked in the article): Or check online for a store near you that carries it. Thanks for asking. —Diane at

  • I have a 2016 class A with a TPO roof and was reading internet about differences in TPO & EPDM roofs. Most articles state TPO roofs fail in high heat & high exposure to sun light, but thats what an RV is exposed to most of the time. Is this true and if so why do RV manufactures use it? How long would a TPO roof go before needing to recoat it?

  • I just ordered some from Amazon, to coat a friends roof. I coated my 5th wheel roof three years ago with good results.

  • I’d like to see a report on the roofs recovered with rhino-liner or similar product. I wonder how much weight it would add to your GVWR and how well it stands up to traveling. I know my truck bed liner is faded but still good.

  • Googed the product, but have seen two different colored cans.
    What is the difference between the orange can and the blue can?

    • Rocky: I saw the same thing; I contacted the Heng’s people directly. No big secret, just a difference in labels — orange or blue, the contents of the cans are the same. They didn’t explain it in any detail, but maybe some sort of psychological marketing ploy?

      • In your article you mention “An RV roof coating needs to be elastomeric”. Neither orange or blue can says “elastomeric” however there is a product that does. “Hengs Industries 471284 Elastometric Roof Coating”. The green can says INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Is the green can a better product for the EPDM roof?

  • Has anyone tried Flexseal, it has done good by me on a 1995 Georgie Boy roof that had a leak for years and was border line in need of new under plywood.
    I coated it with two thin coats after washing with Mr.clean, then flex taped all joints that had failed and I trimmed. Then the two coats on top of that- no problems so far.

    • Peter: How long ago did you use the Flex Seal? How did you apply it? And what sort of coverage did you get? My read is 150 square feet per gallon. Price seemed a bit steep, if you need to cover the entire roof of a large rig. Be interested to hear your comments. Thanks!
      Russ De Maris, Senior Editor,