What day is best to fuel up the RV?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

 While it’s not always possible to pick a specific day of the week to fill up the old motorhome, if you can, you just may save yourself a few bucks. This bit of advice comes from the fuel-price watcher, GasBuddy.com.

The company took three years of price data, crunched it, and came up with a rule-of-thumb for buyers across the U.S.: Fill up your tank on Monday. If you really want to spend the most money, then put off your fill-up until Thursday, as on average, across the country the highest prices occur then.

Actual “best” days depend partly on where you are in the nation, but as a rule, Monday is the best. In essence, though, no matter where you are, the earlier in the work week, the better the prices will be. What accounts for the fluctuation in fuel prices? GasBuddy officials think it has much to do with the federal Energy Information Administration report that’s released every Wednesday. Fuel prices may swing up, depending on what information the report shows, and Thursday is the knee-jerk reaction day if prices will climb. Come the weekend, when commodity traders are “off work,” then prices tend to stay where they are.

Essentially, Monday is the least expensive day to fill up, followed by Sunday. Other days are good when “topping off” the tank — those are Tuesdays and Fridays. And the best days to avoid at the fuel pump altogether are Thursdays and Saturdays.

If the entire country flooded to gas stations to fill up on Thursday, each week for a year, by the end of the year the collective purchases would amount to $1.1 billion dollars more in fuel costs than if everyone tanked up on Monday.

GasBuddy.com produces a free app for both Apple and Android devices that allows users to price shop for fuel (both gasoline and diesel) anywhere in the country. By their reckoning, app users can save an average of $325 per year by shopping around. And with fuel prices expected to rise over summer, punching a few buttons on your tablet before punching your credit card in the slot at the fuel station may just save you a bit of change.



2 Thoughts to “What day is best to fuel up the RV?”

  1. Mark R.

    We always use Gas Buddy. Here’s another tip…fill up early in the morning when it’s cool. Gasoline expands in heat and if it’s cool, you’ll get a little bit more out of that gallon.

  2. Tommy Molnar

    We use Gas Buddy all the time, although sometimes out here in the west (Like Nevada where we live), nobody will have updated prices in small towns in quite some time. And, I won’t drive way out my way to save a few pennies because that drive may just burn off all the savings.

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