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Comments for When did you last see the Milky Way?

  • We were camping in Durham Maine this past weekend anxious to see the Perseid meteor showers. Sadly it was too cloudy on 8/12 to see them but 8/13 was nice and clear. We saw quite a few leftover meteors overhead, however, our viewing was impacted by all the outdoor lighting campers hang around their site, from their awnings, under their campers, outdoor security lighting and even blinking/flashing light shows. Turn off the lights and look up! You’ll be surprised what you might see!

  • As an amateur astronomer, dark skies are important to me. I travel monthly to Cherry Springs State Park, near Galeton, PA., for the dark skies.
    We just recently returned from a trip to Yellowstone, and then Glenrock, WY, for the solar eclipse. Considering how crowded the campground in Yellowstone was, the skies were relatively dark since the only lights for the driveways in the campground were about 3 feet above the ground and pointed down. Very few campers had their porch, or decorative, lights on. It was nice to walk around the campground at night and be able to see the Milky Way.
    People just don;t understand what they are missing by having “insecurity” lights on. And the money they are wasting in energy.

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