When I went to the Moon

When I went to the Moon


By Chuck Woodbury,
Editor and astronaut
Everyone knows that Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the Moon. Most of us know Buzz Aldrin was second. But do you know the seventh man to walk on the Moon — a man who even drove on the Moon?

It was me! I was the seventh man on the Moon! I spent two glorious days there. In the photo below I had just finished taking a drive on the Moon Rover (a gutless wonder) over to a rock outcropping. It looked very much like those I’ve seen in Death Valley. I took a picture of it, but I am sad to say I lost it.

Me returning from my drive.

What was it like to look back at Earth from the Moon? You may have wondered that. I can just say it was really great and you should try it.

I have been modest through the years in talking about this achievement, but I think it is probably time you know. I just told my daughter and I’m telling you she was flabbergasted.

If you were to visit my motorhome, you would see this photo, framed, on the wall of my bedroom. On beautiful nights in the desert, when the Moon is full, I sometimes stare at it for an hour, thinking, “I was there.” It makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. . .



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