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Comments for When roads were made of wood

  • I worked briefly at taking up a “board” road in South Louisiana, near Cameron. That one was built to cross swamp land.We were picking up 6″ x 6″ timbers, 8 feet long, waterlogged, old, and very heavy. We loaded them onto flatbed trailers. I didn’t last long at that job.

      • The plank road was built in 1915 and replaced with “modern” pavement in 1925. Eight-foot wide by twelve-foot long sections were laid on TOP of the sand. As winds changed the sand dunes, men were able [with difficulty] to pick up a section and move it back to the top of the sand. The total length of the plank road was 6.7 miles. It had several turnouts for passing along its length. Many areas had plank roads. A portion of the path from Milwaukee, WI to Watertown, WI was a plank road – today still called Watertown Plank Road in Waukesha, County, WI.