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Comments for Why do men talk about their RVs as if they’re women?

  • uh, I;m a 69 year old male and my RV is named HOWIE, i refer to it as :him: HOWIE stands for House On Wheels Includes Everything, so you see there are those of us who do have “male” motorhomes. BTW, we are fulltimers and Howie has been to all 49 states that you can drive to, 5 Canadian Provinces, and 4 states in Mexico. Howie winters on the Baja near San Felipe, Mexico on his own private lot right on the sea of Cortes where he watches dophins swim as he soaks up the suns rays.

  • Most guys are like me… we only want to be sleeping with women. So it would only be appropriate to call the “RV” by a female name. I have told my wife that I am coming out of the closet and have admitted that I am a natural born Lesbian. Because I only want to hug women and do NOT find it appealing to be hugging other guys.
    Forgive me for being so bold. but I call mine a her as well. Haven’t really pinned a name on her yet only because I don’t want to pin all the problems on just one female that I would know. Since I know of so many women.

  • I haven’t named my RV but I do name my trucks. My previous truck was Surely, not Shirley. I used to say Surely you’ll start today, Surely you won’t get stuck, Surely you’ll get me home. That truck is gone and replaced by Tommy. Why Tommy you ask? Well it’s a Ford dually and many on here will remember the song “Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley”, thus Tommy from the song.

    • Hey, George. How’s it going? Love the Kingston Trio, but now I can’t get that song out of my head! 😉
      Diane at

  • It didn’t take us long to come up with CMore. As in “See More” of the country. We recently retired and just finished our first teaser 7+ week, 4000 mile, 6 National Parks, etc. trip. Yes, this Class A diesel is a she. Treat her with TLC and she’ll provide years of pleasure. And she can be fickle.