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Comments for Why do RVers boondock?

  • As full timers, we figure the average RV park costs about $30/night or about $900/month. (yes, I know you can get monthly rates) These RV parks offer nothing to our lifestyle except we use them about every 2+ weeks to dump our tanks and fill up our fresh water. RV parks are just full of negatives like dogs, noisy neighbors, smells………..

    The savings from not staying in RV parks, we used that money for solar. We’ve been on the road now as boondockers for 10 years.

  • We, like Robbie, enjoy the “boondock” lifestyle. We try to hit RV parks only when we need to dump and reload. Maybe do laundry. We’ve found a few places here in Nevada when we can load up our fresh water AND dump at no charge. Perfect! We’ll hit a laundromat in a small town as we pass through.

    Frankly, I like to think most RV’ers are looking for RV parks. That leaves our favorite boondock areas empty and ready for US . . .

  • For 13 years, the ease of pulling in, turning off the motor and beginning to relax; is the main attraction. Unlike most who spend most of their first hours… looking for a campground, registering, backing in, unhooking, pulling cords, cables, sewer pipes, setting levelers, extracting slides, etc… we just stop and relax. With experience in minimizing use of supplies, using simple devices, reusing water, dumping only when full, etc… life is much simpler, easier and more relaxing when pulling into a spot, stopping and relaxing.

  • How about trying some SERIOUS solar power, and some SERIOUS battery capacity?? We have 2000w of solar, and 4- 8D AGM batteries. We live 6-8 months of the year, boondocking, and never hurt for amenities… we have TV, DVR, 2-Laptop computers, a house-size 12v Fridge… and, gosh… even running water! We have a SERIOUS LP tank (40-gal) for heat and generator fuel. We use a composting toilet (Nature’s Head – works VERY well, thank you!), and we have an old boat trailer converted to a ‘pooper’ trailer, with 100-gal fresh water tank, and 100-gal wastewater tank. My thinking is, ‘If you want to do something, Do it right!’.. If you want to be miserable, do it the other way! Come to the BLM LTVA’s, north of Yuma, if you want to see several hundreds of boondockers.. and don’t plan on being bored!