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Comments for Why filter perfectly good water?

  • We’ve been doing fine with just one filter setup for 20+ years – until we took our first trip to Quartzsite, AZ. Within less than a week our toilet got clogged with calcium and would barely flush. Twice I had to completely take the toilet out and ‘pick and blow’ all the fittings out so enough water would flow and flush as advertised. So now I’m on the hunt for SOMETHING to remedy this problem (short of reverse osmosis which wastes too much water). Maybe two (or more?) filters? Gasp! We love going to the Quartzsite area so not going is not an option. I hear this water problem is an Arizona problem, so I guess it’s not just the Quartzsite area.

    • For Quartzsite, and almost anywhere else in AZ, I use a combination of an HLN-200 water filter and a portable water softener. Otherwise, my dishwasher and clothes washer would have been quickly destroyed. I had to back flush and replenish with salt about every ten days. We don’t drink or cook with the softened water, so I ordered weekly delivery of Sparklets service. It was nice to have hot tea and chilled water on tap.

    • There was (and maybe still is) a place in Quartzsite on the east side of hwy 95, that has deep well water. It cost $5.00 to fill my tank and every container I could muster up. That was 5 or 6 years ago and I don’t know if they are still there. It was a big lot that could handle several large RVs at one time. After 8 winters in AZ, mostly Yuma, we’ve never had an issue with clogging pipes, but we do run off the city water system in Yuma which is undrinkable because of the salty taste.

  • My setup is two sediment filters (5 micron to a 1 micron) then to a bacteriostatic carbon and lastly through a water softener. Several years ago we just used one of the online Camco filters and the campground stained our toilet. Our dogs wouldn’t drink the water either which was our first sign water might be bad.

  • We have an in-line Camco filter that filters the whole house, so when we’re at an RV park with full hook ups I take the out door shower faucet off and stick the hose in the on board water tank. 100 gals takes awhile but all the water first goes thru in-line filter.

  • We also use a two filter system no matter where we’re hooked up or fill our water tank. Nothing goes into our unit unless filtered. We have a third filter on our drinking water faucet at the kitchen sink. Too many communities have had water issues over the years to not use some type of water filtration. As an example, we arrived in Corpus Christi last December to a water scare due to the possibility of an industrial back flow into the water supply. Turned out to be a false alarm. Phew…

  • I have a pull behind trailer . Is there a filter I can attach to the hose for the city water. I get the concept of filtering on board tank for drinking or cooking and using city for other uses.

    • John,

      All of the RV-specific filters have standard hose-thread fittings and are simple to hook up.

      If you want to use a generic filter (like a whole-house), you’ll have to take it to a hardware store and get adapters to go from pipe-thread to hose-thread. Pretty simple.


  • How can I keep my carbon filter cartridge microbially safe during 6 week periods when the RV and filter are not in use?

    Pentek CFB-PB10 Lead/Cyst Filter-10″ Carbon Filter

    I tried dipping the cartridge in a bleach solution and then putting it in a dehydrator for several days until its weight dropped to that of a new cartridge (indicating it was dry).

    My idea was that storing it dry would prevent microbial growth but it’s not worth the trouble for a $13 cartridge.

    My current plans are to replace the $13 cartridge after every trip. Any better ideas?

    • Irv,

      Honestly I haven’t given that topic much thought.

      If you are truly concerned, I agree that replacing the cartridge is the best bet. But it does beg the question: How long a period (leaving it stored and damp) before you have to worry? Weeks? Months?

      Let us know if you find some good info on this.


  • Drain the cartridge as best you can – put it in a Ziploc bag and then in the freezer. Freezing it will not allow any bacteria to grow. I do this with folding water bottles too as the insides are very difficult to dry completely.

  • I have installed reverse osmosis in our last 2 rigs, and we drink the water from everywhere including Mexico. I only have the RO water supply the fridge for ice and drinking. I’m not a total whacko environmentalist, but I do dislike waste in general, so the massive amounts of water that the RO wastes is diverted into our fresh water storage tank and periodically I turn off the city water and turn on the pump in the morning for showers.

    • Interesting idea, but the reject water from the RO system would be very high in contaminants and all the other stuff the system filters out. I would be concerned that this water would have negative effects on valves and such.

      Or am I barking up the wrong tree?