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Comments for Wife critiques every campsite, driving hubby nuts

  • Maybe she could self-publish a book with campground reviews. We check out campgrounds when on vehicle road trips and note the spaces we would fit in (motor home and car trailer with dune buggy) and note “good views” etc. A lot of this info is available on line, but nothing is better than one’s own view.

  • Maybe an attitude adjustment would happen if she makes the reservations or picks the sites. If she is generally a negative person, you may try to have her list the positive aspects of each site.

  • Poor Judge! I feel for him. I was married to a perfectionist for 18 years, so I understand Judge’s frustration. That being said, maybe an e-book might come out of this negativity. It’d probably sell like hotcakes, considering Judge’s spouse pays attention to amenities (or lack thereof) that a lot of RVers are glad to know about. And, if that doesn’t work, I suggest separate RVs! Judge parks where he wants, Wife parks where she wants. 🙂

  • Interesting, I must be very lucky, my wife looks for the good in the places we park, and rarely complains about anything. Many times she says how lucky we are for getting the very best site. This has been the blissful adventure for 12 years of full timing.

  • I always consult RVParkReviews (dot com) when looking for a place to stay. They can use her critiques! If she’ll write a review of your visited sites, we’ll all benefit.

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