Would you pay extra at an RV park for fast Internet?

Typical RVer using her computer to surf the Web.

How much extra would you pay per day for dependable, unlimited high-speed internet at an RV park? Face it, most RV parks have lousy WiFi. If it does work, it’s usually slow, especially in the evening when some RVers hog bandwidth by streaming movies (bad RVers!).

Would you pay extra for dependable, fast internet? That’s today’s question. Please leave a comment.

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36 Thoughts to “Would you pay extra at an RV park for fast Internet?”

  1. Paul

    My home internet service cost about $1.82 per day. That is about $665.00 per year. I would be willing to pay $2.00 per day for good secured internet service.

  2. PWSTravels

    My cell data and a hotspot work most of the time. If I really needed better bandwidth I would be for work and 5 or even 10 a day extra would be well worth it.

  3. Steve

    This is an interesting question. Our data plan is not unlimited but it is plenty large for our normal email and social media activity. We currently do not stream TV or Movies when traveling. Those of you who do should not object to a charge, or what will eventually happen is everyone will have a unique sign-on and your usage will be tracked.

    Most RV CG’s have a basic intrenet WiFi system which was not designed for streaming. We are starting to see more CG’s upgrade the WEiFi bandwidth, but that costs, so I think it should be expected that we will either pay more for the site or have a limit on our data usage. I would think a $1-$2 per day add would cover the cost of better WiFi service, but I will also say, a CG is a community and everyone needs to be conscience of that. If you have kids, letting them stream on 2 tvs and the internet for 6 hours a day is not fair to the others in the CG. You might as well stay home if that’s your idea of camping – For us, I will continue to set up the dish for TV and enjoy sitting outside and conversing with my neighbors – PEACE

  4. Clifford Carroll

    I will use free WiFi when it is available if the speed is fast enough. Otherwise, I simply use my unlimited 4G Data plan on my Verizon cell phone hot spot. No need to pay extra since I already pay for data with my cell phone bill. Unlimited data also allows us to use the internet while driving for directions, and other things.

    1. Orygun

      Unlimited, until you hit 15GB in a month (on the jetpack). Then they clamp it down to 600Mb data rate, which is like dial-up. I really really hate Verizon.

  5. Elaine

    I wouldn’t mind a $2 fee providing it really worked. I just love it when they say oh yes we have wifi. You hookup and junk, I would like to see park owners have the ability to prevent LIVE STREAMING. though for the $2 extra fee. Some campers have no consideration for other campers and just suck all the gigs of any wifi offered. Thanks

  6. Patti L

    I said we would pay a bit more for reliable Wifi because we love to be able to stay in contact with our daughter and her family. Watching our three year old grandson splash around in a creek while hiking with Mom and Dad is priceless. And as we enjoy volunteering for railroad restoration work, it gives me a great source for research. RVing is a whole world of different things to different folks and I think it’s probably varied enough for all of us. Happy Trails!

  7. Doug

    I am a full time RV’er and I also manage two website domains, so having high speed internet is important to me. I often pay extra to have good WiFi. At the Texas Thousand Trails I pay $3.00 a night for full hookups and $3.00 a night for 5mbps. I cannot watch Netflix but I have no trouble updating and repairing my websites so i am happy.

    I keep a log of what campgrounds have really good WiFi and visit only them when I am in the area. Yes I have Verizon MiFi but I hate the overage charges and when they claim you used X amount of bandwidth even if your computer was turned off you are screwed there is no way to prove them wrong. Your usage is whatever they say it is. Oh and for anyone concerned about my security I have two routers and two VPN’s. I also capture all packets that leave my RV and audit the data from time to time to make sure nothing un-encrypted is leaving the RV.

    So to answer your question Yes I will happily pay for High Speed WiFi at a campground.

    1. Traveling Man

      I respect your right to ask a campground to have it. Please respect my choice not to use it nor pay for it. Your bill should be higher than mine. Agreed?

      1. Doug

        Totally Agree! I think I said that.

  8. Dann

    Its the blasted liberal crap I’m hoping to get away from in the first place. Why pay to drag it along with you? I always have my ham radio with me and can talk all over the world. Access to email and internet is totally unnecessary.

    1. Glenn

      It is the “conservative crap” that will have all of us paying more with the doing away with net neutrality. GREEDY MORONS!

      1. Les

        Liberal or conservative crap. I camped for over 30 years without internet. It is not a necessity like water and sewage. You only make it so!

  9. Rod

    We were paying Verizon $160 a month for 2 phones with unlimited internet. We paid off our phones and moved to Straight Talk for $110 a month for the 2 phones with unlimited calls, text and internet on each phone. One phone for some reason retained the ability to be a hot spot which has been nice. Our Straight Talk uses the Verizon network.

  10. Dave

    We use a jet pack from Verizon or hot spot on our phone do not try park systems

  11. Captn John

    No, how about a discount if you don’t use the slow unsecure service instead?

    1. Traveling Man

      The price is generally built into the camping fee. Unfortunately, we don’t get the choice of a-la-carte service. We get one bill. So, inevitably, we ALL pay for it now. If it is in the park (regardless of speed), it will be added to a bill whether you use it or not (you just don’t see it). NOTHING is ever free. When they have a pool at the park, everyone pays for it whether they use it or not. If they have a fishing dock, everyone pays for it whether they use it or not. The question then goes to how much are you willing to pay to park your RV (all inclusive). In our park, I’ll just upgrade it into the bill and you will never know it. But for those that use it, they will be happy. For those that don’t, they will never know the difference. It’s just that our park will be more expensive than other parks locally. There is a balance on what campers are willing to pay for.

  12. Denny wagaman

    We use our VERIZON Jet Pak. Ex pensive fairly reliable until we go over the max time that we can buy then they slow it down until a day each month and it starts all over.
    Local WI-FI whereever we are is over rated and over used. No way around it. We are in an age when we think everyone wants to see what we are eating and where we are. And how important it must be to be seen and heard. I am as guilty as most. So life goes on and the party continues…..(except I don’t follow FB anymore),

    But I understand that’s what many RV’ers need and want. Good luck to them.

  13. Connie Madia

    We finally gave up trying to use the internet/wifi at parks. We now have Verizon unlimited access.

  14. TBlankenship

    We are full timers. We work. We use a MIFI that provides a VPN by connecting to the cell network mitigating the security issue. Some parks use a service such as Tengo which limits the number of devices capable of connecting to the park network. We connect 5 devices; 2 laptops, 2 cell phones and a smart TV. That’s how we roll!

    1. orygun

      You can fool Tengo with a WiFi extender/router. It looks like one mac address and IP to the Tengo system and you can have whatever you want on the local side.

  15. Bill

    I would rather have the campground use their wifi revenues to throttle the “bad RVers” who choke up the system by streaming movies. There are other ways to view movies, and those who stream them are taking advantage of those of us who pay for the service, even if our cost is buried in the site rental rate.

    1. frater secessus

      Exactly so. Bandwidth hogs clobber any system they touch.

  16. George C

    We pay $105 per month for very reliable high-speed service at our winter place in Arizona, so I’m willing to pay a similar rate but only for the same level of service. Too many times, pay-as-you-go service fails to meet even basic standards, which makes us skeptical. None seem to have a try-it-before-buying-it option. We end up paying extra to our wireless provider, which reduces the amount we can spend on spot services.

  17. Traveling Man

    What happened to the good ole’ days when cell phones and internet did not exist (and that was not that many years ago)? People still camped and got around for near nothing. Now days, it seems that we can’t survive in life unless we spend $200 a month on a phone bill and another $65 for internet. We can’t survive unless we take “selfies” everywhere we go. If you’re that interested in yourself, get a camera. It’s a lot cheaper than a I-Phone. And I don;t have to hear about the Kardashian’s while camping. I’m sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that any of my family are not THAT interested in seeing my pearly whites (when I put them in). And I certainly don’t need to remind them how large I have gotten every week. Instead, I continue to use the $25 (now) Rand McNally to get me where I need to go and if there is an emergency, why, I’ll just borrow one of the million’s of campers next to me. I’ll see relatives when I see them. When I do, I’ll bring my pictures to bore them to death. If only you had spent the $265 a month on your retirement account instead of wasting on that phone and internet charge, how much would it be worth today? With no interest or dividend reinvestment over 20 years, that would be $63,600. AND, how many less wrecks would there be from those same weapons of mass destruction that we throw our money away on? Just saying…I would not pay anything for this service…There is no value in it.

    1. Darrel

      Yet here you are on the internet. Do you want full timers to never connect?

      1. Traveling Man

        The question was “what are you willing to pay for internet access at a park”. There are many access points that are free (not necessarily at the park). I would not do my banking on any of those options. ATM’s are better. Flip phones are $25. In some cases less. The point is that why pay for internet at a campground at all? Many times, you’ll be out of range anyway. I’ve got better things to do than take selfies or spend hours on the phone. Paper maps resolve a way to the next location.

  18. Booneyrat

    RV park Internet users beware…not all RV parks have secure connections,one may as well sit on main street and advertise they are a sucker.

  19. RV owner Retired

    Do you realize that 6 to 10 dollars a night is $180 to $300 extra a month on top of the enormous cost of the site? I vote NO, I’ll spend the extra cost seeing sights or having a fun time.

  20. Jeff

    I would only consider paying for High Speed Internet if in fact it is a Good Quality Internet supplier. Bad Signal, NO PAY!

    1. Rory

      Why bother, you won’t know if there is enough bandwidth for what you want to do until you have paid. I bit the bullet and tried Winegard Connect. Yes it is another subscription service, but I’m happy. I don’t use or have to depend on Park service or “free” service. I know I will have dependable service almost anywhere.

  21. Alaska Traveler

    I can’t understand why RV parks don’t offer fast internet when hotels usually do. I’m talking streaming movies fast. After 10 years on the road we stay longer at friends and family that have wifi for us. On the road I rarely hook up to RV Park as it is generally too slow to download an email. I hook my iPhone to an hdmi port on the TV to watch movies. I can watch lots of movies with little data usage. Before, when I used my phone as a hotspot I would run out of 4G after a couple of shows.

  22. Rusty

    At this time in our rv nonfull timer life, we could careless if we have net land connections. May change when we’re both retired but for now, we will enjoy the weekends and weeks we’re away from the sticks and bricks without being connected.

  23. Todd

    As long as there is good cell phone coverage offered by my cell phone carrier in the area I have no need for RV park Wi-fi. I can use my data. I suspect this will be more common with everyone and the need for park wi-fi in good cell phone coverage areas will decrease. However, if no cell phone coverage, I would be willing to pay an extra fee for GOOD high speed wi-fi.

  24. Susan F

    I chose “would not pay” mostly because of the security issue. All it takes is one “bad” person or someone who is not security conscious to compromise the network and any device connected to it. I know and control what measures I take to protect my own internet connections and who is using them. Also, under current technology it doesn’t appear that providing better internet service to an RV park is easily accomplished and would be costly. While reliable, unlimited high-speed service would be great – there are issues to be addressed first.

  25. Sue

    I said we wouldn’t pay extra because we have our own mobile data with Verizon that has enough capacity for whatever we need to do online while traveling.

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