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Robert Peavey

If you have the time, it is ALWAYS advantageous to take a route you might otherwise ignore. Taking any coastal route allows you to see the country up close and experience America. Of course, a coastal drive in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina is NOT like traveling the west coast highway. There are no similar breathtaking water views, but the views are nice and relaxing. Given the size of your rig, you would have an easy time of it. Keep in mind that you will go slower, have a lot of lights and some “city” traffic that you will not have on the interstate. I would advise NOT driving near the coast during a hurricane evacuation, during a hurricane or shortly after one and for obvious reasons. In my mind, if you have the time, take the scenic route every time, stop in local diners, shop at family owned stores and drive around the courthouses in every town. Experience what makes our country so special —— the people and their local communities!