30 to 50 Amp Adapter?

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    I’ve been using a 30 to 50 amp adapter for years when we were parked without 50 amp service. I was recently told that this is Not a good idea?  Any Electrical “garu’s” have input on this subject..

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    I’m not a guru, but at home I use a 15 amp adapter to connect my 30 amp travel trailer to my house electricity. Also, I have a 50 to 30 amp adapter in case a site has no 30 amp service.

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    Gary Pellecchia

    Shouldn’t be a problem so long as you’re not expecting to get 50A out of it. Basically the adapter is going to double the one 120V lug from the 30A service. If you try to pull more than 30A combined through the two lugs (like running both air conditioners at once) then you will probably trip a circuit breaker at the service hookup.

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