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    Robert Peavey

    After reading RVTravel for about a year and enjoying the content, I decided to make a voluntary subscription donation of $60.00 and in doing so, used PAYPAL for the first time. After a couple of weeks not hearing from RVTravel about their receiving the money, I was concerned that they did not get the money. PAYPAL was not helpful in confirming receipt. So, I began sending emails over the next few months to RVTravel, merely wanting confirmation that they received the money. What started as a sincere desire to confirm receipt has turned into a level of frustration with RVTravel over non-response about a simple desire to confirm that they had received the $60.00. While I have certainly enjoyed the publication and have gleaned much from the insight, I believe that when RVTravel asks for for folks, in EVERY issue, to make donations to cover expenses and allow them to provide expanded content, they should at the very least, provide a boiler plate response that acknowledges receipt of the voluntary subscription payment. In my case, a $60.00 donation is extremely generous and while I was not looking for any special response, the fact that I could not obtain any confirmation that PAYPAL forwarded the money to RVTravel and the publication did not respond to about a half dozen emails from me to confirm receipt, has now left a bad taste in my mouth. Again, great publication but this issue has raised an issue that deserves repair. I am hoping that there is an innocent explanation, but until there is one, I would not recommend anyone using PAYPAL to make a voluntary payment to RVTravel and I would recommend that Chuck and Company find a way to respond, even automatically, to confirm receipt of donations. Otherwise, how would the publication justify its regular request for subscription payments?

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    Kim Christiansen

    Hi Robert,

    Kim Christiansen here, I’m the guy who’s responsible for making sure the bits and bytes get where they need to at – and it looks like I lost a few in your case.

    I’m really sorry that you had such a negative experience with donating to RV Travel! PayPal should have emailed you once the payment had gone through. I can confirm that your donation did come through just fine, and again, thank you for supporting RV

    We’re aware of the shortcomings of the current PayPal system and we’re working hard on a replacement that will be much easier to use. Stay Tuned!

    Kim Christiansen

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