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    Wish there is a solution, the only way I can see the overcrowding problem is to get some Park Owners to limit Full Time residents and length of stays. To maybe 2 weeks…

    IMHO LeeB

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    Chuck Woodbury


    It’s, indeed, difficult to figure out how to accommodate a new half-million RVers a year in essentially the same number of total RV sites. We have a lot of ideas and will explore this topic exhaustively in the weeks and months ahead. — Chuck/editor

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    We are in Central California and next week we will be traveling back east. I already got a EZ-Pass from Ohio and when I was talking to them the operator told me about overnighting on the Ohio turnpike. I looked it up and it looks very a interesting concept, with the kiosk meaning there are no humans to deal with just pay $20 and put your ticket on the dash. Maybe RV Parks could learn from their example.


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    In central and eastern Pa a good amount of campsites are taken by pipeline workers and  Marcellus shale workers.  That and the fact that there are just way more RV’s than campsites lead to packed campgrounds.  Also,  in this part of the country,  there are few COE campgrounds and boondocking  area is hard to find.

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    We all want a camping spot, but how can you expect a campground owner to turn away a potential paying customer in hopes that some RVer will come along and take that spot.  They only have a limited amount of space and spots.  I suspect that the “permanent” clients are who are paying his bills.  Many convenient campgrounds have maybe 4 pull through spots for us weary travelers who only want a spot with electric to overnight.

    We very seldom call ahead for reservations because we rarely know where we will be come nightfall.  We have been traveling/camping since 1966 and never failed to find a spot to overnight.


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    Kevin Coughlin

    What can be done is for owners/operators to consider upgrading facilities.  Adding good WiFi, 50 amp service and sewer and leveling sites.  They have already raised the rates arguing taxes and wages, but it is generally more profit.  Communities have swimming pools for the public but few consider campgrounds, maybe the investment would be a good source of revenue.  The community can place restrictions such as length of stay on those parks.


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