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    I know Chuck has posted on his recent experiences with KOA parks.

    Experiences will differ from person to person and park to park.

    Our recent stays at the Anacortes/Burlinton KOA and Grandy Creek KOA are not that bad.

    Anacortes/Burlington was a very well kept park with reasonable space between neighbors. We had a space at the end of the row so we had extra “yard” and a view of a field. Water pressure fluctuated, but power was good. Good satellite for DircetV for us.

    Grandy Creek which is KOA/Thousand Trails, has tall trees, sparsely spaced. Some F/U, some W/E. Some sights can get Satellite tv.

    Both places we had good cellular, ATT and Verizon.

    Not advocating KOA, just reporting our experiences.

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    We have never had a bad experience with KOA, but just remember that they are mostly “family” oriented meaning children.  That is not a bad thing, actually good, but we tend to let KOA be our last resort. (pun unintended)  We do not need to be entertained so neither a game room, swimming pool, nor playground is necessary for us.

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    Chuck Woodbury

    The quality of KOAs is all over the place. Most, I’d say, are either pleasant places to stay or at least okay for a night or two. But there are some very dumpy locations as well.

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