A macerator pump can resolve your sewage issues

By Jim Twamley

Shanghaied by sewer problems? What’s that? Want to stay on a relative’s property in the comfort of your RV but can’t because your holding tanks won’t let you? Want to stay at a pristine campground for more than a few days but can’t because your holding tanks won’t let you? Perhaps it’s time you purchased a macerator.

A macerator pump connects to your RV sewer drain. You open the drain valve and turn on the macerator. It chews up the sewage with blades (kind of like a blender) and then sends the small particles out a garden hose. These characters are versatile — I’ve used mine as far as 150 feet up a small incline. I use it to empty both the black water and grey water tanks. This allows us to stay at campgrounds that do not have full hook-ups for longer periods of time.

Using a macerator pump isn’t as convenient as full hook-ups, but it is much faster and more efficient than using a blue boy. The trick is to park close enough to the dump station to do this. I’ve also run the hose into a bathroom window and down into the toilet — it works great! Most of these units operate on 12 volts DC.

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