Accident or breakdown: You’ll wish you had these road flares

You might think that some road safety equipment is not that important, especially when you are trying to reduce the amount of stuff you carry around with you. And you may not need some safety equipment – until you do. And then you REALLY need it.

These Heliar LED Road Flares will cost you around $20, but it could be one of the best $20 expenditures you make for your safety in the event of an accident or mechanical breakdown. They are compact, fit in their own case, and the LED lights are bright.

Product features

  • Three LED flares are included in the package, plus a convenient storage bag.
  • The LED road flares are shatterproof, crushproof and rainproof, a must-have for RV or tow car emergencies.
  • Superior visibility: Super bright LED array can be seen up to 1 mile at night.
  • It can be used for traffic control, as a warning light, rescue beacon, and for any other emergencies. 
  • Nine different flashing modes, included SOS rescue, and 3-LED flashlight.
  • Three AAA batteries are included and each flare runs up to 36 hours. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can find the Flare Kit on Amazon.

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5 Thoughts to “Accident or breakdown: You’ll wish you had these road flares”

  1. Retired firefighter Tom

    Used actual road flares when on the fire department for 28 years. Due to the hazard of flammable liquids spilled at a crash site the use of actual magnesium flares was discontinued on the F.D. around 1980. I’ve seen someone waving a flare for traffic control with chunks of hot material flying out as a vehicle gets hit on the hood causing burn damage. Battery-powered LEDs or reflective triangles are much better.

  2. Sherry

    I would prefer to carry something small like these type LED flashers. But it seems I would also need some orange triangles or cones for daytime use. I don’t think these could be seen or recognized soon enough by other drivers. Has anyone used these (alone) in the daytime? I’d appreciate some advice, as I’m traveling at first in a very small camper.

    1. Daniel Holcomb

      My main concern in case of a breakdown is not being able to get OFF the road if there is no shoulder. So I bought a 3-pack of the old fashioned flares. When a motorist sees a plastic triangle, that is one thing. Sees a FLARE, he knows there is something serious going on here.

  3. John T

    This is not an article. It is an advertisement made to look like an article.

    1. RV Staff

      Thanks for your comment, John. You may have noticed that all of our weekly Gizmos and Gadgets articles in the RV Travel Newsletters (for years) are regarding a specific product. They are basically a review of an item we believe might be useful to at least some of our readers. They are always linked to a website where they can be obtained, whether it be or the manufacturer’s website. So, yeah, maybe it’s an “ad” — you can just skip it if you don’t like to read ads. Have a great day. 😀 —Diane at

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