Add extra RV living space for less than $80

Here is a great way to add an extra “room” to your RV for less than $80. Sound impossible? Well, it’s not, and if you have an awning on your RV you’re more than halfway there. With an awning shade net, you can shelter most of the area underneath your awning to create a cool, comfortable and private patio.

awning751Awning shades are popular because they provide a simple, cost effective way to expand your private RV living area. With an awning shade in place, your existing patio awning suddenly becomes the foundation for a whole new room. And it’s a truly private area because you can see out but others can‘t see in!

Add some indoor/outdoor carpet and patio furniture, and you have a comfy space, protected from rain and sheltered from other elements.

An awning shade slips on quickly and easily into an RV awning‘s utility slot with standard awning light hangers. When it place it not only provides extra living space, but blocks 80 percent of the sun’s harmful rays, not to mention much of its heat. A typical kit comes with spiral hooks to attach into ground and bungee balls.

Various sized awning shades are available at and Camping World.



6 Thoughts to “Add extra RV living space for less than $80”

  1. June and Jose

    Awnings are what we need bad for our Winnebago I’m painting the inside of it because we had bought from the first owners. And they were great people. They said that we were Rv people for sure.
    Thank you Hurb its been 12 years now we have it and still looking great

  2. June Rodr

    We have a 1979 wine and its in great condition and we love it . The only thing is we need a new awing.ddoeoes anyone know we’re we can get one for a reasonable price it’s 28 feet

    Thank you June & Jose

    1. RV Staff

      Maybe Craigslist? Or try searching (Google, etc.) for RV salvage or surplus parts. Good luck.

  3. Low Rent Jake. Former Out West reader.

    I think the term “common sense” should universally be replaced with “good sense” since it isn’t common anymore. 😉

  4. LZ

    If you RV in a windy area like south Texas, the idea of your patio awning being used as an extra room is simply ridiculous. Your awning and extra room will be in someone’s lot … almost guaranteed !!!!

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Yes, true. But in a place with little wind, it’s a good option for adding a little extra living area. It should be common sense that you would not do this in an area with high, frequent winds.

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