Do you use additives in your RV’s toilet tank?


Do you add chemicals or other additives to your RV’s black water (sewer) tank? Some RVers believe they are necessary, while others, including some RV waste management experts, say they are not. How about you? Do you use or not use? Please feel free to leave a comment (at bottom of page).

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21 Thoughts to “Do you use additives in your RV’s toilet tank?”

  1. Fox

    Rid-x septic treatment.. but then I get about 30 days between dumps so it has time to work

  2. Darrel

    Full timers. Water only 98% of the time, additives maybe 4 times per year.

  3. Ron V

    We have used Happy Camper for years. Camp once a month for 5 days.

  4. Ron Bessette

    Been RVing 30yrs – go out once a month for 1 week and four times a year for 2-3 weeks at a tme. Use 1 cup bleach, 1 cup Laundry soap, 1 cup pine sol,
    2 gal water. While driving this is like a washing machine cleaning of your black tank and also eliminates oders while driving.
    At the Site – hook up sewer hose – but only open up Grey water. When your black water meter indicates its 3/4 full – release back water into sewer. shut valve off and re enter black tank cleaning formula..
    This method saves POO from sitting in your black tank that didnt go into the sewer hose because not enough water was flushed.

  5. Snayte

    Just plain old water here. We have never had any odor problems in three different trailers.

  6. Elaine Schuster

    PS, with such a tiny tank, ten gallons, we can’t use anything that comes in a pre-measured packet.

  7. Elaine Schuster

    We have a ten gallon waste tank. So far, we have used the blue stuff that came with the RV, in very small amounts. We have also gone a whole season without any additive. Only one or two people are camping in our rig. We have had no, or very minimal, odor problem. Usually we have to dump only once a season since we use the on board biffy for emergencies only. Emergencies include horrible public restrooms, too many skeeters out there, or no available restrooms.

  8. Charlie

    Using Thetford Campa-Chem Toss-Ins ( CW ) being Jayco TT weekenders works okay for us.

  9. Loogie

    Have used the Geo method for 4 yrs now & never had a problem. Inexpensive & clean, look it up on the internet.

  10. Tim

    Geeeezzz I didn’t know you didn’t have to add some kind of chemical sanitizer to your black water tank ?! We have been rving for over twenty years too…Just doesn’t seem right not to add”something” to your blackwater tank, its poo man!!

  11. Bill

    When we are living in the motorhome and using the toilet often, I don’t add any chemicals – regular doses of fresh water and air keep the anaerobic bacteria that cause odors under control. When it is going to not be used for more than a day or two, I add TST.

  12. Tim

    Been using Happy Camper for several years now.

    1. Tim

      Thats what we use too.. works quite well..

  13. Jim Thompson

    I have been using Blue Streak in my fiver. It dispenses with each flush, smells great and keeps the toilet clean.

  14. Dan

    Pine sol or any pine cleaner that has real pine oil in it.

  15. Ken Shand

    We use Blue Streak, from Mason, Michigan. The chemical, which smells like baby powder is stored in a quart container with a line to the water intake for the toilet. A small amount of chemical is dispersed with each flush. We normally go through one to two 32 oz bottles a season.

  16. Tina GAllagher

    I use TST by Camco, the ultra-concentrated orange version. It seems less “foul-smelling” than the other colors and 2oz does the job in my tank.

  17. Richard Heberlein

    My guess is that the non users are predominately full timers who have learned that it’s pretty much money down the drain. Pun intended.

  18. Bob C.

    One pod of chemical from Walmart and one pod of laundry detergent.

  19. Bob

    We use KO by Raritan, a enzyme based marine holding tank product which is very superior to all the RV stuff.

  20. Ken Newcomer

    We use Odorlos Holding Tank Treatment, because it works to control odors without adding its own bad smell.

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