Invasive plants and animals–they’re everywhere!

The RoVing Naturalist  By Dennis Prichard “Rolling along like a tumblin’tumbleweed.” The Sons of the Pioneers sang this tune way back in the day about a plant that is synonymous with the Old West. It could just as easily describe our RV way of life. Nothing could be more American than tumbleweeds across the True West, right? Not so fast, pilgrim.... Read More

Urgency emergency? When to call the vet

Ask the RV Vet With Dr. Deanna Tolliver, M.S., DVM It’s 11 p.m. on a Sunday night. You’re worried that Annie, your dog, hasn’t been acting herself all day. She vomited a couple of times in the morning and hasn’t eaten any food. You think she looks a little bloated. You wonder, “Can this wait until morning?” You’re on a... Read More

If you live in an RV, can you still be “homeless”?

by Deanna Tolliver What makes an “RV community”? Ten years ago, you might have said meeting fellow RVers, impromptu happy hour get-togethers with the new neighbors, maybe potlucks and outside games. Really, it seems like an RV community evolves anywhere a group of RVers share the same general space and common interests. These days, an “RV community” is no longer... Read More

Are you dumping your black tank correctly?

by Doug Swarts, Drain Master, Inc. Although dumping RV waste is a relatively simple process, it’s important to use both the proper equipment and procedure that ensures you will not cause a spill or get the contents on you or your clothes. The “Old School” or industry standard method has worked for more than 50 years and while it gets... Read More

Reader’s Digest list of the top RV parks in every state

by Deanna Tolliver Do you have a favorite RV park in the different states you travel through? What makes that a favorite park? You can compare notes with a recent article in Reader’s Digest. “The Best RV Parks in Every State” is in the online version of the magazine. The article doesn’t list the qualifications that earned a campground to... Read More

Increased bear sightings prompt warnings in New Mexico

by Deanna Tolliver The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) has issued a statement warning campers of increased bear activity in the northern part of the state. Multiple bear cub sightings have been reported by campers. Spokesperson Tristanna Bickord says “some may view this as a unique opportunity to view young wildlife; however, it is very important for... Read More