How to clean your RV roof

Courtesy Dicor Products   RV owners should get their roofs cleaned at least twice a year to prevent damaging substances from getting too embedded and creating permanent stains. This also will help avoid mold and mildew that grow on organic matter attached to your roof. Especially if your RV is parked under trees for extended periods of time, your roof... Read More

RV smell bad after being closed up? Charcoal to the rescue

To rid your RV of musty or bad smells after storage or after being closed up for a few weeks, place activated charcoal in disposable containers throughout your rig. Don’t use charcoal briquettes, which are not effective and are designed for burning not deodorizing. Activated charcoal is a much safer and effective product for deodorizing. You can buy it in... Read More

How to choose a campsite

By Jose and Jill Ferrer When you are lucky enough to pull into a campground or RV park where you can choose your site, here are some things to consider:Is the site level? An uneven site may present a challenge to your suspension, levelers and your patience.How are the hook-ups? Make it a practice to inspect the electrical, water and... Read More